Finding Trust With Google

1) Google has made finding everything easy, But how to find intangibles like Trust, Expertise,  Honesty, Loyalty?
2) Does Google has developed any AI or Algorithm to find them?
3) Let’s understand how we can use Google to find an Expert & Honest CA,  Trusted  Lawyer and a life saver Doctor.

Google has made our life easier no doubt, No explanation required, But have you wondered how the basic issue is still there? i.e. How to believe the person online, especially when it is required to find professional services. Trust me even today I am struggling to find a Good family doctor who takes my life and money seriously. But who has time to go asking around?

So what is the solutions?
Google has tried to bridge this requirement by providing Google Business Review facility. Where reviews are provided by a user of services or product by login into their Google Account. The similar facility has been provided by Just Dial, Amazon, and other online services or product aggregator, which are handy when deciding to take any professionals services.

Apart from that you can also visit following website to get an independent review
4) Twitter and Face-Book page of Company or Professionals

Can we trust reviews?

 With the importance of reviews, there are a plethora of marketing companies who generate and post fake reviews. so the crux to find trust on Google is to differentiate between genuine and fake reviews. 

Next Big question is

How to find fake reviews and avoid such businesses and professional?
Although there are no sure shot techniques I will enlist herewith:-
1) The frequency of review:- If most of the post are within a short span of time and then there are great void chances are owner has run a reputation campaign.
2) The user has given a very detailed review:- with pros and cons including charts etc, more chances it is paid review as no actual user can spend hours to write a review for you.
3) Lots of Good reviews after lots of bad reviews, maybe business has improved after complaints but there are more chances it is a cover-up campaign to shadow bad reviews.

What to do if I find fake or paid review?

The simple rule is to rule out such company from your list, However, if options are limited and stacks are higher (Like going for a surgery or Filing a Case) then better to go and check personally. Get some references from in and around and make the judgment.

Why you must take some time to rate all business or professional we deal with?
The online space has given us this unique freedom to express yourself, So You must rate services and give a review as it will work as an incentive for Good professional and penalty for bad one. Further, It will forces all crooked one to either change or shut the shop. Another way it’s your moral responsibility if you are reading reviews done by others. mind if someone has taken time so you are now reaping the benefit of someone time or experience. If we all make this a habit trust me making decisions will be easier.

What about AKT Associates:-
From starting we always have kept our ears on the ground and always asked for a frank review of our services. Reviews are crucial for us as well to take corrective action.

Check our Just Dial posting:- AKT Associates
We have most no. of reviews in our category on just dial and if you go through you can find how our customer feels about.

So rate us on Google to help startup community:- Recently we have listed on Google local business and looking forward from our Clients to spare some moment to rate us. Being yourself a start-up we are trying to cut cost and pass all these cost savings to provide best of class compliance services to all startups so they can cope the cumbersome compliances of India and its cost. We can’t afford and don’t want to spend on hefty advertisement instead we know your support will take us long way

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