Now we will discuss the various aspects of this process from a buyer‘s point of view. If you are intending to purchase a property from an NRI which seems to be a profitable deal for you, then definitely you must go for the same. However, it should be kept in mind that the provision related to the purchase of property from an NRI is entirely different from that of purchase of property from a resident. Now I will tell you what are the key points you should keep in mind while purchasing the property from an NRI. The very first requirement is that of a Tan Number. You are required to apply for Tan number which is entirely different from Pan Number. Most of the Indian citizens do have Pan Number but you are supposed to apply for Tan number.

You will be required to provide TAN no to receive Lower TDS certificate, After deducting the tax from sales value in accordance with the rate mentioned in the Lower TDS certificate, you have to file TDS Return. You are required to download a form from income tax portal and will attach along with which will certify that all your taxes have been paid off. The seller can also check on his income tax portal the all the relevant taxes have been paid by you. Finally, you have to surrender your TAN number. It is advisable to surrender Tan numbers after the final transaction of the property for purchase has been completed or otherwise, you will be liable to file a quarterly return for the same.

NRI Proeperty


Let’s go through and review all the required formalities for the purchase of property from an NRI. First of all, you are required to apply for the TAN number and intimate the seller regarding this TAN number. This TAN number will be used for applying the Lower TDS Certificate. You will have to wait for the issuance of Lower TDS Certificate. If the Tax rate in Certificate will be 0%, you are not required to deposit any tax or file the TDS. All you are supposed to do is to surrender your TAN Number.

Alternatively, you have to pay taxes in accordance with the rate specified in the TDS certificate and then file the TDS. Finally, surrender your TAN Number. Lastly, I would like to conclude that patience and time are required for such kind of processes. It is highly recommendable to get the services of an experienced and sincere CA for this. It would be a wise decision for both buyer and seller to hire a common CA for such kind of transactions. There will be effective coordination in the system thereby avoiding any case of professional competition between the different CAs of buyer and seller.

Our firm offers such kind of services at economical prices. We are well versed with the laws and provisions for dealing with this kind of cases on behalf of the seller as for a buyer. We offer a best-combined package of this service for both buyer and seller. The sooner you start preparing for this, the better it will be for you. Usually, you should start at least 2 months before this sale. You should also be very careful from such kind of firms which charge very heavy amount ranging from 50, 000 to I Lac for offering services for such kind of cases. The justified charges by CA for dealing for kind of case would range between somewhere from 12,000 to 13,000. You can directly reach us for this kind of services.

We also deal with after sales services. Likewise, an NRI intends to transfer the amount received from the sale to abroad after the deal. Such an amount can be transferred after filling up the 15CB form. This service is also being offered by our firm. We offer all relevant services for NRIs as well as Local residents. I have tried my best to update you regarding the provisions and alternatives available for dealing with such kind of cases so that you may not be fooled by the fake agencies in the market. If you still have any related query, kindly comment and I will try to answer it in the comment box. You can directly reach us at below-mentioned email IDs and Phone numbers.

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