Rent & Least agreement online Registration

Rent & Least agreement online Registration

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  • Step 1: Send the required documents along with the Fees
  • Step 2. Agreement drafted and shared with hard copy
  • Step 3. Agreement vetted and registered online
  • Step 4. Hardcopy delivered at address provided for delivery.
  • The Pan Card and Aadhar Card of Landlord/Lessor
  • The Pan Card and Aadhar Card of Renter/Tenant/Lessee
  • Two witnesses representing each party along with valid proof
  • Address Proof of the property to be rented/leased
  • Electricity Bill/Landline Phone Bill of owner

GST Registration Offer following Advantages

  • Both Landlord/LessorandRenter/Tenant/Lessee can be protected legally
  • Can avail benefits of Government Law
  • Rental agreement acts as an address proof
  • Avoids the situations raisingconflictsbetweena tenant and the landlord
  • Only Registration – 1 days
  • Drafting & Registration – 3 – 5 working days
  • AKT associates are the true professionalsin assisting you when it comes to legal contracts.
  • We have a team of qualified experts who can help you in rent/lease agreement registration by removing all your hassles
  • Easy and simple rules carried for registration or non-registration agreements in AKT.
  • We work with the ‘No Documents Stored Policy’. We own store any of your credential documents

Rent and lease agreement

Rental and Lease Agreements are important legal documents that confirm the deal between the landlord and the tenant based on mutual understanding. Usually, these agreements registered after the deal finalized between landlord and tenant, andit ensures both the parties protected under the Indian constitutional law.
It doesn’t matter if the landlords opt to rent or lease the property, there’s always a format to follow. We AKT associatesstrictly follow the rules set by Indian constitutional law when it comes to rent/lease agreement and makes sure both parties (Landlords and Tenants) understand the agreement fully along with the conditions mentioned in those agreements.

What is Rental Agreement?

The rental agreement is a kind of contract written in-between the property owner and the renter who about to gain temporary ownership of the particular property. Rental agreements are short-term contracts mostly occurs on monthly basis and get renewed often based upon the mutual understanding of both parties.
Rental Agreement mainly focuses on outline payment that the renter needs to pay property owner on monthly basis. In addition, the agreement will include a lot of terms and condition and the terms can alter by either party on every renewal.

What is Lease Agreement?

Unlike the rental agreement, the lease agreement is a long-term contract made in-between landlord and the tenant. The lease agreement will be effective until the specific time mentioned in the agreement beyond that the agreement considered as ended.
Lease agreement focuses not only on the payment instead it does focus how long the tenant intended to use the property/space. If both parties willing to continue the agreement after the agreement period, the new lease agreement needs to register.

Difference between Rental and Lease Agreement

When looked generally, both rental and lease agreements might be similar but both differ slightly. Rental and lease agreements have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below listed table illustrate the difference in-between those two agreements.

Rental AgreementLease Agreement
Rental agreements are not suitable for the renter who prefers to rent a property for a long-term.Rental agreements are suitable for the renter who prefers to rent a property/space for a long-term.
A rental agreement allows property owners to raise or renegotiate the rental amount on every renewal.In the lease agreement, the rental amount locks for the entire length of the lease period.
In the rental agreement terms and conditions can be altered frequently.In the lease agreement terms and conditions cannot change once it finalized between both parties. The agreement should mention the intended use of the property by the renter.

Terms and Conditions for Both Agreements

It doesn’t matter whether you are about to rent or lease property; there are certain terms and conditions to include. AKT associates mention them with the acronymWWWH (Who, What, When and How much).

  • Who: Under this term details of the parties involved in particular contract get identified. Here the parties refer to the landlord/lessor and the renter/tenant/lessee.
  • What: Under this term details of the particular premises that landlord/lessor agrees to rent/lease. It also includes conditions like how the premises should be handled by the renter/tenant/lessee during the rental/lease period.
  • When: This term pinpoints the time duration of the rental/lease period for which renter/tenant/lessee can own temporary rights of the premises under specified conditions.
  • How much: This term will elaborate the pay rates for premises rented/leased.

Things You Need to Look Before Signing Rental/Lease Agreement

  • Both parties should cross-check whether they are engaging or transacting with actual owner/renter.
  • Before signing lease/rental agreement, one should check with the sale deed, share certificate of the property along with the NOC (No-Objection Certificate) from the local area housing society.
  • Make sure that your rental/lease agreement includes a clause on the sales of the house. So, that you can enjoy the legal protection for a certain period for searching for new accommodation if the owner decides to sell the property during your tenure period.

How AKT Associates can help you?

When it comes to rental/lessee agreement getting help from professional help would be a wise decision. In the digital era, seeking a legal documents portal is quite welcome. However, you may get baffled after witnessing several such online portals.
Are you confused and strongly decided to approach a legitimate and trustworthy site?Then it’s time to pick AKT Associates as your legal document assistant.

  • Established with the motto of assisting modern-day people to avail their legal documents online.
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  • Talk to our customer care support team for clearing your doubts

Lets Clear The Confusion

1. Shall I rent without an agreement?

As per Indian constitutional law, a rental/lease agreement filled with terms & condition along with legal valid documents of both parties is mandatory. In case of any dispute arisesbetween parties without agreement, there will be legal inefficiencies.

2. Is it mandatory to register a Rental/Lease Agreement?

No, it’s not compulsory to register a rental/lease agreement. However, registering agreements will keep you on the safer side in case of any legal dispute arise.

3. I am planning to rent a house for only 10 months, should I register a rental agreement?

According to Section 17 of the Indian Registration Act passed in 1908, the minimum rental/lease period is 12 months or higher for registering the agreement. Any tenure below than 12 months there no need for registration.

4. Do I need to visit the registration office for registering rental/lease agreement?

No this will be done online

5. Is Aadhar card is mandatory for registering rent/lease agreement?

No! It’s not compulsory but for doing online registration Aadhar copies are mandatory.

6. Is it valid for police NOC and other legal requirements?

Yes the online registration for Rent/Lease agreement has the same legal validity as the registration done by visiting Registrar office.

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