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  • World class business infrastructure and opportunities all around you.
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  • Low import duty, no audits, no limitation on legal document processing, and no limitation minimum capital requirement
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Why to form a Company in UAE (Dubai)


Setting up a business in Dubai has some unique advantages such as outstanding infrastructure, geographical location, several no tax zones, low import duty, no annual audits, fast approvals, and no recruitment restrictions to name a few. It also fast becoming business center for many international multinational, after opening of economies and setting up separate business zone and free zones has boosted economic activities there. By creating a company you can showcase your product worldwide and can increase global attention and expansion. With lowest tax rate a UAE based company can be best legal entity to expand your business internationally.

What are the types of company we can set up in UAE?

  1. Limited liability company
  2. Private and Public companies
  3. Free zone LLP
  4. Free zone establishments
  5. Subsidiaries
  6. Branch office
  7. Partnership

Partnership FAQLet It Clear The Confusion

Can I have full ownership of company or we need to involve local resident?

It depends on Location; some free trade zones have waived local resident requirements.

What are taxes in UAE based companies?

Most of Free zones are tax-free zones as well as Dubai is tax-free. However now UAE Govt. is implementing VAT.

How UAE Based Company can help for expansion?

Dubai /UAE is becoming a hub for business, being largely tax free zone it is attracting large amount of MNC companies, and a center for Import export business in South Asia.

Why should we make a company in the UAE?

By setting a branch/company you can cash on following benefits

1. High consumption markets and the market for luxury items.
2. Access to big fund houses, world-class economy, world-class infrastructure.
3. Access to various Free trade zones. Fast approvals
4. A chance to demonstrate the high-quality level of your product by being fit for world standards.
5. No annual auditing, low import duty, lesser labor restrictions.

Do I need to be present during incorporation?

No, the process can be done online without going and running after offices for incorporation

How are visa norms for business?

Visa norms of UAE for Business is quite flexible as compared to normal visa.

What are various criteria to check for before incorporation in free trade zones?

Look for office sizes, preconditions, and visa rules for employees in free zones. Check the validity of claims of free trade zones, check for bank charges for the bank account.

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