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Step 1: Understanding the requirement of client.
Step 2: Analysis of all available option like, wholly Owned Subsidiary or Major controlling share option.
Step 3: Drafting and Preparing of required documentation and filing for company formation procedure.
Step 4: Completion of other registrations along with legal & taxation due diligence.
Step 5: Filing of periodical returns and other compliance related documents.
Documents list will be sent after understanding requirement and Understanding India and prospective country bi-lateral arrangements
  • A Subsidiary can act as a separate legal vehicle to launch company in India
  • Parent company can maintain complete control
  • Easy to meet local compliances
  • Easy to bring brand identity and associated know how
  • 15-20 Working days
  • Get Expert Advisory
  • Dedicated team for Quick Registration
  • Post Registration Mandatory Legal compliance
  • Full support for Post registration Procedure

Why forming subsidiary is best way to launch business in India?


Generally the business may prefer to set up a wholly Owned Subsidiary in India instead of outsourcing it to an outside agency. This may be done to maintain the secrecy and exercise control, which are negative points when we talk about business outsourcing.

Apart from above mentioned benefits a subsidiary can serve your long purpose goals, Like business extensions, Setting up R&D Centre or Knowledge Centre.

If you are a out of India based Company, NRI Businessman, professional who is willing to expand their horizon to India in form of Subsidiary, We can assist you from the incorporation to completing all required compliances related to Income Tax, RBI, SEBI and other Govt. Agencies as may be required in the case.

Partnership FAQLet It Clear The Confusion

Is a local director or shareholder is mandatory to form a subsidiary is India?

Not in all cases, a foreign company can set up wholly owned subsidiary without a local director, However they need to appoint one authorized person who will be responsible for all compliances in India.

How many minimum Directors are required to form an Indian Subsidiary company?

Minimum two directors are required out of which one person can be from parents company a one local person can be appointed in India who will be responsible for compliance.

How many minimum shareholders are required?

Minimum two shareholders are required out of that one will be parent company holding majority of shares or more then 51% and balance can be given to any of director of parent company.

Is it required to issue shares to Indian Directors?

No it is not required

Who can operate Bank Account for subsidiary?

Company can pass resolution-appointing signatory for Bank A/c Operations

Can Company give loan to subsidiary company?

Subject to certain restriction a company can provide loan to subsidiary company

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