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Tax Review: – Simple Tax planning for Big tax savings

Are you also spending sleepless nights for tax, A tax review or Tax Checkup exercise can solve most of your tax-related issues? A Tax review service is a basic way of tax planning to check if your income has been optimized to save taxes in a legal way. A Tax Planning exercise is not just limited to 80C tax savings but also check each and every source of income and recommend a course of action to maximize your income.

AKT Associates is one of the leading tax compliance firms in India and every year file more than 1500 Income tax return. However each year we observe almost 70% of Taxpayers fail to optimize their income for taxes and end up paying more taxes.

We wish we could have helped them, however at the time of filing there is no scope to do tax planning, As the date for tax planning was already over.

Ideally, a Basic Tax Planning or Tax Review as we call it should be done from the month of April and periodical review should be done every quarter.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we can recommend a simple measure of Tax Planning, which can save your income from taxes ranging from Rs. 50000 to Rs/-1500000. Trust us we are not aggregating.

Till date, we are doing more than 900 tax review every year and 400 comprehensive planning for our clients and Employees of large corporations. Saving Crores of tax saving within the boundaries of tax laws. Most of that done through Direct reference and request. However considering the overwhelming response and encouraging feedback, We have upgraded our team and decided to launch it for all the taxpayers located throughout India.

If you also feel that you are paying more then required tax, try our Basic Tax planning service called Tax review for Just Rs 1250/-. With Guaranteed tax saving recommendation even we save Rs15000/- of tax for you, the return on investment i.e. Rs 1250/- will be whooping 1200%. Is it not the best investment you can make today. Contact our Tax Review team today to initiate the optimization of your income with AKT Associates, legacy Tax Planning Service, Tax Review.

What is the next Step?

We recommend to first experience the benefit of our basic Tax Planning Exercise and once convinced, you can take the next step for full-fledged Comprehensive Tax Planning. The Fees for Tax planning depends on the scope of work and the Comprehensive Tax planning is done only on an Invite basis, i.e. when we feel your income profile have potential to save and plan more than just taxes we invite the client for the exercise.

Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tax-phobia?

Actually, this term is coined by us to refer to a delusion where a person feels that their income is increasing, however, In reality in hand income availability is reducing, when they switch from lower tax slab to higher tax slabs. For example, when a person’s income exceeds 10 Lakh the applicable tax slab become 30% hence while earning say Rs 15 Lakh, he might feel he got 50% increment and can increase his spending accordingly, however after additional tax of Rs. 1.5 Lakh actual increase is just 35% only. This is a double whammy for those who are already reeling under tax pressure. This can happen with salaried, Businessperson and professional as well if they don’t do their tax planning seriously.

Why AKT Associates?

AKT Associates has experience of more than 12 years in tax compliance and advisory, with their seasoned tax experts they can provide you with practical and legal recommendation to control your tax outgo.

What is the Procedure?

Its simple 3 steps procedure

  1. Contact our Tax-Team through call @ 8080809061 or/WhatsApp @ 8080088288 our team will get in touch and send you information sheet or Documents required
  2. Provide Information/Docs as requested by our team and make payment of fees in Advance
  3. The team will work out and share your Recommendations sheet within 2 working days.

How much time it will take?

We call it two working days from the date of submission of complete data and Advance fees, however, it will be delivered sooner than that.

Who will work on tax review?

Our Tax team who are expert in income tax compliance will work on it and It will be vetted by a Qualified CA before being sent to you.

Is This Tax review is like Tax Planning?

Tax review is to check if basic and most important tax savings are in place and to recommend the practical steps to make your tax structure more improved & Efficient. It can be said a Basic Tax Planning exercise. What we have noticed, in 90% taxpayer basic tax planning is, itself missing. We have comprehensive tax planning services as well on offer, For the taxpayers who want to take their tax planning to next level. You can contact our Tax team and opt for it. We will do Comprehensive tax planning if we feel there is scope for such exercise

Why it is now? Tax review should be done in April, Right!

Frankly speaking, the period between Octobers to December is best for Tax review purpose as you get more clarity on your income targets for the year. Especially for Business and Professionals, it’s very difficult to predict income in April itself, hence now it is the best time to go for Tax Review in December 2018.

Are you going to cross-sell financial products?

No, Its pure consulting and no cross-selling will be done for any kind of insurance or MF. However, on request of customers, we can consult the name of a few good tax saving instruments and can connect with our Associates. However, there is no compulsion to buy products from them. Clients are free to choose their options.

What kind of Associates you have to provide Tax saving Instruments?

We have taken some of the Best Associates to cater hassle-free experience in getting these tax saving instrument. We have been associated just for the reason to provide unbiased information and complete freedom to choose the associates.

What about Guaranteed tax saving?

We are promising to recommend you tax saving worth Rs/- 5000 at minimum else we will refund the complete Tax Review Fees without any deduction. However, trust us Rs 5000/- Tax Saving is minimum, not maximum Tax Saving.

What if I don’t have money to invest in tax saving, can I claim the refund?

Our Scope of work is to provide tax review recommendation and Practical tax saving Tips only, The refund will be issued only in case all the tax saving measures are taken already and we are not able to bring anything new on the table.

Why AKT Associates?

Expertise - That Counts

We are handling more than 1500+ successful clients and providing them with services which covers Legal, Technical, Taxation and other business compliance part. That all says a lot on our ways of working and our expertise in the area.

Experience - That Matters

At AKT associates we have been our client’s obvious choice since more than 20 years. For serving you with the best results we use our experience of decades which has exposed us with deep understand.

Efficiency - That reflects in everything

With a strong team which comprises of experts with qualification like CA, CS, MBA & LLB and they will all available with the wholesome result, with dedicated customer service team and support staff. We are always there to execute your work efficiently.

Cost - That saves a Lot

We touch the top position not just because we are the best in what we do but also because we know the value of your time and money. We know the value of your time so all the work by AKT Associates is performed on time and at around 70% less cost in comparison to all the other leading firms of the market that too without compromising on the quality aspect.

Conveniences - That says a Lot

The services of the firm are performed and delivered by using the cutting edge technology which makes the AKT Associates always available & deliver services right in your email. So it doesn’t matter where you are because we are always at your finger tips.

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