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Branded merchandising is a traditional way to connect with your existing and potential customers. It is no more about just giving away diaries and calendars over Diwali and New Years. You can use this tool effectively to build an indisputable reputation for your company in your catchments. Many large corporations are now engaging this marketing tool into their overall marketing plan. Small organizations are also following the suit to build their businesses intelligently.

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Why Branded Merchandising?

Branded merchandise can be used in addition to other marketing tools to achieve your overall marketing objectives. One of the brand mantras by a leading branding guru is “Jo Dikhta Hai Who Bikta Hai.” This Hindi phrase means that only that is seen, can be sold. These tangibles help increase the visibility of your brand. Apart from bringing in new customers, these physical elements are often used to build loyalty amongst existing users.

Some brands like Fosters, use event-related branding merchandise at the point of sale. They often sponsor sporting events like Formula 1 and display branded chequered flags at leading pubs in the city to encourage their users to purchase their brand while watching the race.

How to Start?

Firstly, it is important to keep a measurable objective in mind before you start, else this initiative may soon die out as an unnecessary cost. The objective should be quantifiable. It could be in terms of overall sales, new customers, repeat customer, promotion, etc.

Secondly, you need to be clear on the target segment and the branding message that you want to deliver through your merchandises. It could be a generic corporate branding initiative or linked to some tactical promotion or event.

You now need to finalize on the deliverables like caps, coffee mugs, uniforms, etc. that depend on your campaign objective. For example, if you have a street event, you could have your employees dressed in T-shirts with your company brand name.

Finally, measure results to calculate the ROI on your branding effort. While calculating ROI, you also need to quantify your time and effort spent in the branding exercise apart from the money spent.

We at AKT Associates advise you on branded merchandising that give you a boost in your business. We also assist you in designing them keeping your overall objectives in mind. Without a network of associated suppliers, we help you get quality material at reasonable prices for your merchandise.

A Variety of Merchandising Ideas that can Help You

Branded Coffee Mugs:- A lot can happen over coffee. So when you invite your clients over to your office, serve them coffee in your branded coffee mugs. These silent merchandises create a positive impact for your brand that can even help you seal the deal in your favor.

Customized Furniture: –This could work well for you if you are in the retail sales segment. A brand like Barista has customized chairs with a coffee engraving in the backrest. This adds to the coffee aroma that invigorates the in the store environment. Further in Dr. Batra the matching furniture with brand color creates a unique identification for Dr. Batra’s Brand and differentiates it from other Homeopathy Clinics.

T-Shirts:- These work best when you have your employees participating in an event. An Employee wearing a branded T-Shirt is alive Promotional tool for your company. Try to get it done at least for your field staff or Staff interacting with customers. The Public will notice and recognize wherever your field staff will move on.

It could be an event that is exclusive to your brand or it could be a multi-branded event. If you are printing your brand on a T-shirt or any other merchandise along with any other brand, make sure that the other brands rub off well on you.

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