Challan 280 Income Tax Online Payment

The government of India has provided a hassle-free system for payment of taxes. Taxes can be paid by both offline and online modes of payments. In this article, we will discuss the online mode of payment of tax via challan 280.

Challan 280 income tax

Challan 280

Challan 280 is a form that is available in both offline and online mode used for the payment of taxes like advance tax, surcharge taxes, self-assessment tax, regular assessment taxes, etc..

Procedure for paying taxes via challan 280

Following are the steps to pay taxes using challan 280

  • Visit or login to the NSDL website
  • On the NSDL website select the ‘services’ tab and then select the ‘e-payment: Pay taxes online’ from the drop-down list, after clicking you will be directed to the e-payment of taxes page
  • From various options provided in the e-payment of taxes page select ‘Income tax and corporation tax (Challan 280)’ option.
  • After selecting the challan 280 option you will be directed to the challan 280 e-form.
  • Select the appropriate applicable taxes from the following
    • (0020) Corporation Tax (Companies)
    • (0021) Income Tax (Other than Companies)
  • Select the tax payment type from the following
    • (100) Advance Tax
    • (102) Surtax
    • (106) Tax on Distributed Profit
    • (107) Tax on Distributed Income
    • (300) Self Assessment Tax
    • (400) Tax on Regular Assessment
  • Select payment mode whether net banking or debit card
  • Fill the PAN Number of the taxpayer and select the relevant assessment year
  • Fill the address of the taxpayer and captcha code
  • After the successful submission of the above details, click the proceed option.
  • Confirm the information submitted which is displayed after selecting the proceed option. and click the ‘submit to the bank’ option.
  • After submission, you will be directed to the bank payment page.
  • After successful payment, tax receipt shall be generated indicating 7-digit BSR Code, Challan Serial number, Challan Identification Number (CIN), date of payment of tax and tax payment amount, etc..,

Verification of payment of tax challan

The Income Tax department has provided a facility to verify and confirm the payment of tax challan.

This facility can be availed by logging into the NSDL website. Status of the tax challan can be viewed in the following basis

  • CIN Based verification
  • TAN Based verification

CIN Based verification

The taxpayer can view the status of challan by providing the details of the Challan Identification Number (CIN), BSR Code, Challan date and Challan Serial number.

TAN Based verification

The taxpayer can view the status of challan by providing the details of TAN Number, Challan date range within the respective financial year, the taxpayer can get the details of the CIN (Challan Identification Number), major head code with description, minor head code and the payment nature.

Amendments or Corrections in Challan

The below-mentioned fields can be amended or changed by the conserved bank if the taxpayer needs or requests for such change in the challan payment

  • TAN or PAN Number
  • Assessment Year
  • Codes of Major head and Minor head
  • Total amount
  • Nature of payment

The banks will take a period of seven days, from the challan deposit date, for any changes or any corrections to be made in the details of TAN or PAN Number, Assessment Year, Total amount. In case of changes in major head and Minor head details and nature of payment, the bank will take a period of 3 months.

Income Tax Filing for Businesses

Furnishing the tax paid details

After making the successful tax payment, the details of such payments need to be furnished in the Income Tax Return by Selecting the “Self Tax Payments” option and enter the BSR code and challan number details from Challan 280.

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