Step By Step Process of eDistrict Delhi Registration

What is eDistrict Delhi? Why Has It Been Initiated?

eDistrict Delhi is a digital initiative taken by the government. As a part of it, citizens of Delhi can avail services, certificates, scholarships, etc., online. The government of Delhi regulates this, so, there is nothing to worry about. They provide all these services quickly and easily. You can apply for services and track them as well. Let us learn more about eDistrict Delhi and its portal.

The Benefits Of eDistrict Delhi:

Some benefits of using it are:

  • All the services are online. You do not need to get into big queues or go to government offices to use their services.
  • You can apply for certificates, subsidies, scholarships, RTIs(Right to Information), etc.
  • You can print, download, and verify certificates online.
  • You can file complaints and track them as well.
  • You can locate nearby centers like your nearest UIDAI(Union Identification Authority of India) center.
  • You may download application forms as well.

Eligibility For Filing On eDistrict Delhi:

Technically, any person who is a resident of Delhi can file, register, and avail the services of eDistrict Delhi. As for the people who are under 18, they may upload their profiles on the accounts of their parents, guardians, or anyone who is above 18 and has a registered account. This way, almost every person is eligible to register and use the services of e district online.

eDistrict Delhi Portal:

The edistrict Delhi portal is really easy to use. Click on this link to access the eDistrict Delhi portal –

The eDistrict Delhi portal looks like this:

edistrict delhi portal
eDistrict Delhi Portal

On top of the main section of the page, you can find the link to register on the portal. Below it and to its right are links to various services that have been offered by the Delhi government.

Availing any service is as easy as clicking on that link, following some steps, and that’s it!

What Documents Are Required To Apply For Services?

The documents that are required include other documents that are needed with an application and the original affidavit. All the other documents must be self-attested. You should know that documents that can be verified online do not require any other documents for confirmation. Moreover, documents that get uploaded on the portal cannot be deleted howsoever.

How to Register on eDistrict Delhi Portal?

Step 1: Go to eDistrict Delhi portal by clicking on this link –

Step 2: Under “Registration at e-District Delhi”, click on “New User” or go to this link –

registration form at edistrict delhi portal
Registration form at edistrict delhi portal

Step 3: Select the document type(Aadhaar Card or Voter ID). Enter the document number, type in the CAPTCHA, and click on continue.

Step 4: Follow the steps and fill the details as required. Please note that you cannot edit the application after submitting it, so fill all the details carefully.

The eDistrict Delhi Login Procedure:

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the eDistrict Delhi login page –

Step 2: Enter your User ID, password, and the CAPTCHA code to login on the eDistrict Delhi portal.

How To Check The Status Of An Application?

In order to check the status of your application, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the tracking page by clicking on this link –

track application at edistrict delhi portal
Tracking application status at edistrict delhi portal

Step 2: Select the department, the service you applied for, the application number, and the applicant’s name. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click on search to view the results.

File your ITR Form 27Q

What Will Be The Result Of Your Application?

If you entered all the details, attached necessary documents, and followed every step carefully, you will not face any problem and your application will not be rejected in any case. However, if there were some problems in the application, it will be rejected. If you did not attach the documents that were necessary, the application will be rejected. In such a case, you can visit your nearest sub-division office to know what documents are necessary. You may also give a call to the concerned phone number. The particular reasons for the rejection of your application can be checked by visiting the eDistrict Delhi portal. Alternatively, you can file another application for the service you applied for but do not do so if you do meet the requirements.


The eDistrict Delhi portal is a very useful service provided by the government. It allows us to avail of any service in just a short span of time. Registering is easy as well and almost anyone who lives in Delhi can log in on the portal. We hope this article helped you!

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