Why You Should Prepare An Elegant Product Brochure

Product brochures or sales catalogs are key physical elements of a sales organization. This sales literature not only aids in giving out product information to the potential clients, but also adds credibility to your business. The clients at times find product brochures handier than a standalone website reference.

Get the Product Brochures

Most companies use brochures as a sales or marketing tools. Sometimes these sales aids are designed to complement other marketing tools like events, online promotions, etc. You can always opt for free or paid brochure templates from the internet but these may not do the job for you. Hire services from Professionals, where an expert designing team can help you design your company’s product brochure keeping your objectives in mind. Just Remember for Right Product or services, Right Presentation is also required, and an elegantly designed brochure and the right type of contents. Here are a few points that can help you while deciding on the layout, design, and content of product brochures.

The Design Elements

You need not follow the routine designs in the brochure and can play with the shape, colors, size, and fonts of the brochure to make it stand out from the crowd. However, keep a few basic elements of design in mind. Most companies use standard fonts and color for all their literature. It is a good idea to stick to the same. If there is no existing scheme, decide on a color scheme that is not too jarring. You can use a mix of three to four matching hues. You should stick to three kinds of fonts – for the body copy, heading, and sub-heading. The paper and print quality of your product brochures reflect on your company’s image quality.

Use the AIDA Model for the Content

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. You need to make sure that the sales brochure is enticing enough at the first look to grab the attention of the target audience. The cover page of the brochure has an important role to play in this. You need to use the right content to get the target users to get interested in reading further. Flash some simple sentences that can get the readers interested. It could be the latest promotion, or flash how your product is new or limited. Your content should be able to create a desire in the readers’ mind to own or try out the product and service. This is where a compelling sales copy has a role to play. Finally, do not forget to mention a call to action in your copy, urging the readers to send in their inquiries through the contact details provided in the brochure.

Highlight Benefits over Features

Many companies make the mistake of using too many jargons in their product brochures. It is important to keep the content simple and easy to understand. Talk about benefits before you detail out the features of the product. For example, if you are a Yoga school, talk about the benefits of yoga-like weight loss, high immunity, etc. rather than talking about the kinds of exercises involved in the program.

Engage Users

Use pictures in your brochures to make it easy to flick through. You can create your own pictures if your budget permits you to do so. A cheaper option would be to use stock images. However, do not use low-quality pictures. Give out engaging information in your product brochure that adds value to the readers. For example, if you are a water purifying company, talk about the kind of bacteria present in the drinking water these days or the benefits of drinking water.

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