What is TDS on Sale of Property by NRI Seller?

Tds on sale of Property by NRI is a kind of advance tax paid by Purchaser when buying property from NRI. This TDS has to be filed under Section 195 at the rate of NRI TDS 22.88%. Later NRI taxpayers can file a return and claim return (Refund) of Advance tax. Or the smart option is to file an Application for Lower or zero TDS and avoid paying this advance tax. This Application for Lower TDS can be filed online with help of a qualified CA in form No 13. 

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What is the Procedure to get Lower TDS/NIL/Zero TDS Certificate to avoid NRI TDS?

 You can watch the following video to get a proper Idea

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What are Documents required to get a Lower TDS Certificate?

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  1. What happened if purchaser deposited 1% instead of 22.88% deducted from seller price ?
    In such case, what action a seller can take and how?
    Thank you for your guidence and help.


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