Get the Unique Visiting Card and Stationery for your Business

Office stationery like address labels, envelopes, letterheads, and visiting cards are tangible items that not only have functional advantages but their presentation has a subliminal impact on your brand’s 360 degrees communication with its clients. These physical elements hence form an important dimension of your unspoken interaction with the outer world.

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We at AKT Associates ensure that the design element and logo on these paper items are consistent with other brand communication tools like while using it on newsletters, website, brochures, etc. Here are some other important points we advise our clients on while designing and printing stationery and visiting cards. There are:-

Quality over Quantity

Whether you are a big or small enterprise, you can always invest in high-quality stationery. You visiting card is often your first promotional tool when you start a business. Even if you cannot hire a professional designer, use one of the standard formats available with the printing vendor that is neat and clutter-free. Ensure that you follow the standard size of a visiting card so that the receiver finds it easy to file it and retrieve it when required. You may be tempted to get bulk discounts and print your office tangibles in huge quantities at a go.

We at AKT Associates do not advise you to do that as some of your details like contact numbers may change over time. Handing over a visiting card with handwritten information looks shoddy and unprofessional. Apart from providing design expertise, we help you get the best quality material and printing delivered at a reasonable price through our network of partner vendors across the country. Call AKT Help-Desk 8080809061 to get free consulting on branding and how to make a lasting impact on your customers.

Only Important Information

Do not talk lengths about your company on your office tangibles. Give basic and important details like your name, designation, company name, and contact details. When dealing with it our expert content team ensures that the content on your stationery is error-free. If you are mentioning your company website, ensure that the website is always functional. A dead website address on our visiting card could mean a dead business prospect for you.  We ensure that you give clear and precise details in writing to your vendor as stationery if printed wrongly can go waste.

Customization and Trustworthiness

Preprinted stationary with logo and contact details adds more trustworthiness to your brand. If you are a small business enterprise, this is very important for you. Traditionally letterheads have been considered a symbol of a company’s basic official communication. It is mandatory for certain dealings like sending samples or requesting for the proposal. You can customize your basic stationery items only or you may choose to customize other items like folders, note pads, and pens. Once you decide on the design elements for various stationery items, we can assist you with timely and cost-effective delivery to your doorstep with the help of our Network partners.

Choosing a Vendor that is a One-Stop-Shop

You can take professional help to ensure the design is clear, concise and yet impactful.

You can choose a single vendor for all your office stationery printing once you are satisfied with the rates, design, and quality and service the vendor offers. This would ensure that all items in your stationery compliment each other. It is important to place your order well in advance and keep a calculated stock at hand.

Sticking to a single vendor also helps you minimize the turnaround time for the delivery of new stock. While most printing vendors have their in-house design team, some companies may choose to go for a separate design team for customized designs. We at AKT associates provide you a one-stop-shop for business advisory as well as marketing services. With our state-of-the-art delivery system, we are able to offer solutions to hundreds of our clients in a simple and convenient manner.

We often advise our clients to keep all their billing receipts of the stationary, as this is a tax-deductible expense.

Services Provided by AKT Associates:-

  • Designing a logo, brochures, and other marketing materials.
  • Content Writing, Editing, and proofreading for Marketing write-ups.

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