Finance Schemes for MSME Enterprises

What is MSME?

As per the MSME Development act 2006, Govt has notified certain categories of enterprises into


Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises based on their Investment in Plant & machinery:-

Limit for investments in Plant & Machinery or Equipment
Micro Small Medium
Manufacturing 25 Lacs 5 Crore. 10 Crore.
Service Sector 10 Lacs 2 Crore. 5 Crore.

The benefit of Finance Scheme for MSME

  1. Get loans without security and on reduced interest rate
  2. Protection against delayed payment from buyers
  3. Promotions & Development scheme from Govt
  4. Preference policy
  5. Simplified exit scheme

Services Provided by AKT Associates

Pre-registration advise on how MSME registration is suitable/Beneficial for your business. Advise on mandatory and unnecessary compliances to further reduce your cost of compliance. Complete support and guidance for Pre to post-registration compliances.

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