Emerging Areas for Investments

In a developing economy and nation, opportunities subsist in almost every segment like infrastructure, health care, education, transport, Energy, Retail, IT, Construction, Insurance…. The list is wide-ranging and never-ending. We consider this is true for India as well.

Emerging Areas for Investments

There are two opportunities that come to my mind though both represent all economies of scale and may not have been debated or reported as much. These are in the areas of Food Storage, Transportation, Food Processing & Water treatment, distribution, and harvesting.

The latest FICCI report indicates that 40% of India’s produce in Food, Vegetable and Fruits and Crops perish unused. Imagine 40% wastage in a developing economy & to make matters worse, the US and EU’s figures are in the 2 to 5%. To us, this represents a huge opportunity, Captive Food processing plants close to where they grow across India, setting up of Cold Storage warehouses and state of the art refrigerated Trucks are going to be necessary for decades to come. And these can be done in the micro, small and medium sector also, not just by the large corporate sectors.

Even in 2009, India is not capable to supply drinking and usable Water to its Citizens that is a fundamental right as per the Indian Constitution. Recently Justice Katju and Justice Verma of the Indian Supreme Court passed an order directing the Indian Union to form an Expert Committee cutting across various Departments, Private Sectors and the World to assess, develop and allow technologies that suit India conditions and resolve this Water impasse. This and earlier demands throws up many opportunities in Water Treatment, Distribution, Harvesting, and related areas. Again, this can be done in all economies of scale and across India – from the rural to the city domains.

As we said, there are many opportunities in India, but these also represent depth and width and a long term promise that make good business sense.

AKT Associates Expert Services on Emerging area Investments:

We at AKT Associates help our clients to minimize the risk and maximize the returns on their investments, current or planned through the provision of critical information, analytical support, and interpretation of in-country situations. By conducting focused research to inform rigorous but practical analysis, we offer fact-based recommendations and guidance to our private clients in areas such as:

  • Consulting on Emerging Area:-That Includes Business planning and modeling, involving financial forecasting, investment evaluation, market sizing/viability planning, and business strategy;
  • Project Report & Viability Check:-Business diagnostic and up-gradation, including in supply/sourcing, work process, organization, crisis and risk management and aspects of human resources management; Valuation and financial restructuring, Capital-raising as well as practical assistance and assessment for firms considering a future sale, merger, acquisition or listing.

Legal support a Documentation:– Negotiation, Drafting, and registration of required legal formalities and other related compliance such as ROC, Taxation, Audits, etc. One of the first things you need to discover is when you’re starting out is what laws be valid to your new business. You may wish to consult a legal professional to help you with all the legal requirements that you must comply with, such as licenses and registrations, contracts and leases.

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