Recovery of payment

Businesses, joint-ventures, partnerships, shops all of these commercial activities have one thing in common, which is the ‘fiduciary relationship with their customers or clients’ they share. The main bone of contention lies when you have parted with your duty well in time trusting your client or the customer, but on the other hand he is playing smart and evading your payment, or in other words, causing the inordinate delay. How to deal with such a situation? Can the law be of any help? These are the questions that must be crawling in your mind in such a situation. Read on to know the answers!

recovery payment

What to do when you cannot recover your payment?

Don’t worry! Law is for the wise. Many of us try to evade such a situation by waiting, waiting and waiting for the other party to pay your money, which you rightfully deserve to get. But, why wait when the law is there to help you. Get rid of the myth that seeking a legal recourse is the last option, because it is the legal recourse that should be taken first and well within time to let the fraudulent and cheaters know that businesses are to be played fair and no one and nothing can take from you or keep with himself whom you rightfully deserve.

There are situations which are very common in businesses in which the other party after taking goods and services from you do not pay you the consideration on time, and leave apart denying from payment, they promise to pay you soon or ‘tomorrow’ which never comes. They do this to evade payment thinking the other party is a fool and won’t do any harm to them. But, talking about harm does not mean getting in physical quarrels but it is about how wise you are! Meaning that payment is your right and no one can take that right from you, so fight legally… fight a legal battle.

What can be done to ensure that payment is done on time?

It is very important for you to understand that when you are not wrong, the law is always there to help you, assist you and so are the lawyers. Thus, there are several legal means to get your payment rightfully, with interest for the delay and compensation for the losses you incur incidental to such a delay in payment by the other party, such as:

  • The threat always works: Let the other party know that what he is doing by not paying you as promised is illegal and if not paid in next one week, you shall proceed with the legal action. This might just not threaten him much to pay your money, so try the second means;
  • Send a legal notice: Legal notices are the notices stating facts and grievances against the other party, basically warning him about repercussions that they may face in future, would do a little threat and make sure the payment. It is to be understood that sending a legal notice under a seal and signature of a lawyer would apprehend the other party that he might be getting into trouble if he delays any further in payment of your money.
  • File a police complaint: Later, even if now he is evading your payment, police complaint can be filed and let the police come in person and let the person know that law has its arm long and he just cannot escape the payment, which you are lawfully entitled to.

How AKT Associates can help you?

  • Warn: but by legal means– Let AKT Associates find you a legitimate and legal way to know the person that evading payment not only illegitimate but also illegal, and make him aware of legal repercussions.
  • Is it easy to draft? Think Again! -Drafting a legal notice might seem an easy task to do but it’s not really one! You will need the assistance of an expert who can minutely understand the complexities of drafting and as per situation under which you are. In legal notice you shall also have to make them aware of what future legal actions can be taken, thus, lawyers are the best ones to help.
  • Hire Experts to solve your Problem -AKT Associates gives assistance of experts who have years of experience, This experience can help you in getting the remedy really quick because they have been dealing with such cases since decades and know them inside out of these situations.
  • Conveniences-That says a Lot– The services of the firm are performed and delivered by using the cutting edge technology which makes the AKT Associates always available & deliver services right in your email. So it doesn’t matter where you are because we are always just a click away, and no matter where you are, just be sure that AKT Associates are there to help you.

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