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What Is SSMMS (Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System)?

SSMMS or Sand Sale Management and Monitoring System is an initiative by TSMDC (Telangana State Minerals Development Corporation). It is a system of online sand booking in Telangana. It allows the Telangana government to sell sand at an affordable price. Any builder, stakeholder, or an individual can easily buy sand by visiting their website and making an order. Sand booking has been made easier and convenient by SSMMS.

Why Did The Government Introduce It?

The government needs to regulate this because there is a lack of genuine sand under RERA registration. It has been found that builders and constructors have started to make impure or artificial sand. Buildings made of these types of sands are weaker and in many cases, they have collapsed which caused loss of life and property. Moreover, with the government regulating this sale, the damage being done to the environment can also be minimized.

What Are The Benefits of Using SSMMS?

One should definitely use SSMMS because:

  1. Telangana sand is available at a very low price,
  2. Revenue loss in between purchases can be found and returned,
  3. It improves the income of the government,
  4. It benefits stakeholders, and
  5. Prevents the damage being done to rivers, streams, lakes, etc.

The SSMMS Portal:

Visit the SSMMS website or click on this link:

This is what the portal looks like:

SSMMS portal
SSMMS portal

The SSMMS portal enables you to register, book sand, track your order. You will not be charged any extra fee for registering on the portal. The drop-down menus on top allow you to register, book, enquire about sand orders online.

Anyone who has registered on this website can book sand online. Let us now learn how to register on SSMMS:

How To Register on SSMMS?

Step 1: Visit the SSMMS portal by clicking on this link:

SSMMS Customer Registration
SSMMS Customer Registration

Step 2: Go to Registrations – Customer Registration.

Step 3: Enter your Mobile Number in the box. An OTP will be sent on that number. Enter the OTP to continue.

Step 4: Enter your details as well as your Aadhaar number in the next step.

[Please note: you must be 18 years or above to register on this website. Lastly, type in a password which would be required to log in.]

Step 5: After you have registered, you can check the Customers Registered List here in order to confirm the registration.

How To Book Sand(Sand Booking Online Process)?

Follow the steps below to book Telangana sand:

Step 1: Click on this link –

Step 2: Enter your ID and password to continue.

Step 3: Then, choose your District.

Step 4: Now, click on the stockyard button.

Step 5: Fill up all the details that are required and click on register.

Step 6: Click on OK to proceed. If everything went well, a window will open showing you a reference number. Save or copy this reference number because this might be needed in the future. You may also print the receipt of this order. The sand booking online process is now complete.

How To Track Your Order?

You can also track your order after you have made a purchase.

Tracking the order with Order ID:

Click on this link –

SSMMS Track Order
SSMMS Track Order

Enter the Order ID and get the status of your purchase.

Tracking the order with Mobile Number or Vehicle Number:

Click on this link –

SSMMS Track Order with Mobile No
SSMMS Track Order with Mobile No

Enter the Mobile Number or Vehicle Number to get the status of your order.

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SSMMS is really easy to use and provides sand at a low cost. The sand booking process is simple as well. If you followed the steps described above, you can easily order Telangana sand within a few minutes. You should their services if you want to buy sand for construction. We hope this article helped you to solve any queries!

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