Types of FSSAI (Food) Licence and its Applicability on Food Business Operators

Why Need FSSAI license?

If any person wants to start a business of selling or manufacturing food then we the authority in which such person is required to get registration which is known as The Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI). It is the supreme authority which enables to regulate and supervise the safety of food. It is compulsory for all the business operator dealing in Food, to have FSSAI license or Food Licenses

There is a general confusion or a misunderstanding that what is the limit for registration or which food operator will have to contain the registration. FSSAI issue some science-based standards for the articles of food and in order to ensure the safety and availability of food to 130 crore citizens of India, it also regulates the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and the import of such business.There are different types of food that the Food business operator has to take Registration under Fssai.

Although, In this article, we have focused on the different types of fssai food license, that the person may have to take at the time starting his foods business, of which is issued by the authority.

FSSAI license types

Types of food license:-

FSSAI, however, may issue 3 different types of food license and these are: 

  • Central License
  • State License
  • Basic Registration

Which license would be applicable on which person, shall all depend upon the basis of the level of operation of the food business which is being carried out by such person. In the following, we have explained such limits which specify which operator will take which license.

  • FSSAI Registration Central License(Annual Turnover more than 20 crores): The person operating in food business like the  Importers, 100% Export Oriented Units (EOU), big manufacturers or operators in the  Central Government agencies, airports, seaports etc are required to obtain this food license. The Central license would be issued by the Central Government. Also, these people shall have to obtain this License for their head office, and if they are doing the business in other states then also the license would be required to be taken. This will applicable mostly for the persons doing the food business which are having an annual turnover which is greater than 20 crores. The maximum time period for the validity of this license is 5 years and the minimum is 1 year
  • FSSAI Registration State License(Annual Turnover of more than 12 lakh): Those Food business operators (FBO) which are doing their business medium level i.e., like small to medium-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, etc. would require to have the Fssai State License. The State License is being issued by the State Government and it is very important to note that this license would be applicable only if your business operations are within only 1 state like Mumbai. Also, the persons shall take the license having an annual turnover of more than 12 lakh. In this case, the time period for which the licence can be taken is maximum for 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.
  • Basic Registration: This is the 3rd type of registration which will apply to the persons doing in the food business who are like petty food manufacturers and also the small-sized manufacturers, storage units, transporters, retailers, marketers, distributors, etc. Although, the FSSAI Registration is also issued by the State Government. Now, those persons whose turnover is up to 12 Lakh shall require to have registration. Under this registration, the validity of the license is the maximum tenure of 5 years and the minimum is 1 year.

Documents require for registration 

Irrespective of the type of registration, following are the documents that would be required for the registration to obtain the food license:

  1. Aadhar Card copy of the owner.
  2. PAN Card copy of the owner as identity proof
  3. Passport Size Photograph of the owner
  4. Water bill/ Electricity Bill/ Gas Bill as address proof
  5. IEC Code(for central license) if the person is an importer
  6. CA declaration(if your turnover is 18 0r 19 crores)

Online Food license (FSSAI) Registration Consultant


Now, we have summarised the limit for registration and the validity of the period of registration under each type of license:

Applicability Central Licence State Licence Basic Registration
Annual Turnover More than 20 Crore More than 12 Lakh but up to 20 crore Up to 12 Lakh
Validity of Licence
Maximum Period 5 5 5
Minimum Period 1 1 1
Other Condition Having a business in more than 1 state Having Business within the state Having Business within the state

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