Grievance Redressal Portal (GRP) for GST


The main object behind the implementation of the Grievance Redressal Portal is to facilitate the online lodging of grievances registered by the taxpayers of GST. It facilitates the users with all required information and reduces to and fro communication.GST Grievance Redressal Portal (GRP) is an online portal where the end to end communication is made.

Grievance Redressal Portal (GRP) for GST

Salient Features of Grievance Redressal Portal:-

Portal has the following salient features regarding Redressed the Grievance:-

  1. It aims at the submission of grievances by users from anywhere and any time (24/7) basis for quick and easy communication.
  2. It also facilitates  Online Data transmission between the help desk and the registered users.
  3. Implementation of  IT with the assistance of Redressed grievance will reduce the human interface between the taxpayer and the tax administration, which will assist to eradicate Corruption.
  4. In a timely manner and effectively query will be resolved on an urgent basis.
  5. A procedure that must be designated as a simplified and Automated for numerous processes namely as  registration, returns, refunds,  tax payments, etc;
  6. Improved Compliance levels of the taxpayers will contribute greatly to improving the revenue collection of the States.
  7. It has been a wide relief to the Division of taxpayers between the States and Centre has been resolved so that their grievance on an immediate basis can be solved.


Advantages for the government:

  1. Improved environment for compliance as all returns are to be filed online, input credits to be verified online, encouraging more paper trail of transactions at each level of supply chain
  2. Boosting export and manufacturing activity, and even more generation of  more employment will lead to increase GDP with advantageous employment making the  substantive  economic growth
  3.  Cascading of taxes such  as Input Tax Credit will be  mitigated at an available across goods and services at each stage of supply occurs
  4. Similar uniform SGST and  IGST rates will reduce the incentive for evasion by eliminating rate arbitrage between neighboring States and that between intra and inter-state sales; as GST REDRESSAL PORTAL will assist in resolving all these matters

Advantages for the  Taxpayers:

  1. Ensure the taxpayers to lodge their complaints and raise ticket himself.
  2. To ensure the taxpayer checks the progress of resolution of his complaint.

How to file a Complaint online for GST issues

For the purpose of filing the Gst complaint, the following procedure has been prescribed that is:-

  1. Visit the GST PORTAL to seek out the grievances by the taxpayers in the 24*7 period time.
  2. Then for reach out at home page of the portal, one has to click on the  “Grievance Redressal Portal for GST”.
  3. Check the resolution complaints if the tickets have been closed.

Complaint Track Status

A  ticket number is required to be entered in the Ticket Reference Number’ box,

Then the ticket details will be sent to a Registered eMail address of the Taxpayers

gst registration

Other features of the Redressal portal

Feedback at the portal of Grievance Redressal by opting for the Feedback on New Returnstab.

The main object to introduce these features is to make changes and enhancements in the tool as per the feedback was given by the Taxpayers or Users

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