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Registration’s application has to be made on a specified in the first schedule to the Rules

Different applications should be made for registration of different work
Every application should be attached along with the requisite fee as specified in the second schedule to the Rules
The applications must be signed by the applicant/ advocate in whose favor a Vakalatnama or Power of Attorney has been carried out. It should also enclose the Power of Attorney duly signed by the party and accepted by the advocate.

Documents Required

Four copies of the artwork

Applicant’s details of name, address and nationality proof
Applicant’s nature and interest of the work
Work title
The full details of Authors and if he is dead then his death certificate would be required
Date, place, and name of first publication publishers etc.
NOC from the trademarks registry
Power of attorney on Indian stamps paper

The benefits of the Copyright is that it protects the rights of the writers, writers, Designers, creator, architects, and creators of sound recordings, cinematography films, designers, dramatists, and computer software on their designs

Safeguarding and appreciating creativity

Financial and social growth of a society
Build an atmosphere conducive to creativity
Motivates artists to create more innovative work
Creates a Legal record of the copyrighted work
Publicly identifies the rights of a copyright holder

Time Period

After filing of your application and receipt of diary number you have to wait for a mandatory period of 30 days so that no one files an objection against your claim of originality of work. If in case, someone files an objection, the registrar of copyrights will hear both the parties. He will then decide eventually, whether the work should be registered or not.

If no one files an objection for the originality of work, the application is scrutinized by the examiner. The applicant has been allotted 45 days to remove any discrepancy if found. Usually, it may take a tentatively 2 to 3 months time period for the registration of any work. If the applicant will be helpful in providing any required information at the earliest; the procedure will be short

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The AKT Associates & Team is the unified voice of the copyright community, representing the interests of thousands of individuals and organizations, getting copyright registration for more than thousands of firms.

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We at AKT associates are expert in providing a platform for end to end services in Copyright & relevant transactions including Copyright registration, prosecution, management and monetization through assignment or licensing and enforcement.

Basically, copyright registration is intellectual property. It can be sold, transferred, gifted, and franchised, just like any other property. The owner has the sole right over the work done; only the content is registered under copyright. If any other person wishes to use the work, he or she must obtain the approval of the registered copyright owners.

We used to provide Copyright registration services to designers and authors, and also to guide our customers in obtaining artworks, authored works from the service provider, and safeguarding their interest by filing for registration and managing them.

We guide our customers in commercializing their Copyright and add value to their business by creating a regular flow of returns by licenses and assignments to achieve our client’s commercial goals with respect to a copyright-able or copyrighted subject matter. Our client network includes various industrial segments, like Software, Entertainment, Multimedia, literary work, Consumer Goods, etc.

We have a full-fledged association of international associates, who represent our clients in all chief jurisdictions across all over the world. OurTeam handles Copyright filing, prosecution, overcoming objections and oppositions by capable and passionate Attorneys. We establish some of the best practices within a work culture which reduces the prospects of any conflict relevant to copyright issue.

We work in collaboration with our customers to comprehend their strategies of business generally making an impact upon their system of implementing copyright, projects and other aspects of decision making.

We also assist our clients in the creation of business by guiding them in various projects which are best suited for the interest of our clients and maximize returns on the investment. We have a team of experienced copyrights who are studying and analyzing the legal landscape in all major jurisdictions on a regular basis to ensure the quality and prompt services to our esteemed clients.

We are expert in dealing with the complex situations and guide our clients in writing Business Plan, Operational Plans, Methodologies, Methodological flow of business processes, intellectual acts, methods and non-protect-able under patents, and other types of the complex task which shall be separated to provide improved safety.

We also assist our clients in developing a legal framework for licensing and franchising the content and later execute it. It involves functioning with our customers to crystallize business model which ensures all legal and other requirements.

We are specialized in dealing with copyright filing in Software, its licensing and relevant projects dealing with the growing software business. Our team is not only well versed with the law but also have in-depth knowledge of technology in real-world situations. We are successfully working with startups in the technology sector.

One of our main advantages is to advise clients in matters relating to Open Source Licenses. We have upper hand over other service providers in the sector in term of our ability to converse with our customers on different aspects of a technical domain and provide resolution for their legal matters increasing the efficiency of their decision making related to all business aspect.

We at AKT Associates have a reputation as a reliable and value enriching partner for Content creators and artists similarly and our growth as a firm organization truly specify the faith our customers and linked associations put in us as a genuine and trustworthy company.

Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for copyright registration?

A person who is the title-holder of the content which has to be copyrighted. That person could be a company or may be an individual.

What are the items which we can get copyrighted?

Any intellectual job of academic or literature, theatrical, musical and creative works compromising cinematography films and sound recordings can be registered for copyright. However, ideas, process, the system of operation or mathematical concepts are not registered for copyright process.

What is the difference between trademark and copyright?

A trademark registration is applied to protect a name or brand, logo or slogan and copyright is to safeguard the interest of the owner or creator of the given unique content like a book, music, videos, songs, and creative work.

Can the rights of copyright be transferred or sold?

Basically, copyright registration is intellectual property. It can be sold, transferred, gifted, and franchised, just like any other property. If the work is registered under copyright, the owner of the work has the right of ownership over the work and any other person wishing to use the work must obtain the registered copyright owners consent.

What is the validity of copyright?

Copyright is valid for the duration of 60 years once it is taken.

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