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More than 10 year of experience & expertise to handle IT Notice.

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Just Consulting Rs. 2490*
  • For this purpose, you just want to know why notice has come and what can be the further course of action

  • 30 Min Call with an expert to help you to understand the reason for Notice and possible solution
  • You can also take follow up call as and when required by just paying & booking 30-minute slot @ Rs  2490+GST
  • Best option to check the reason and decide your course of action
  •  2490+GST

One-Time Submission Rs. 14549*
  • Best if want experts to handle the notice and don’t want to do trial & error method

  • It is per submission Fees and flexible if you receive notice for simple issues
  • Just Pay 9990+GST for follow up a reply, in case it required further submissions
  • Pay only for time and effort required and per reply. You save if your issue is settled with just one reply
  • 14549+GST

Comprehensive IT Notice Handling Rs. 39950*
  • Comprehensive end-to-end notice handling for the case, No further payment received till it concludes

  • Best option for an end to end compliance where multiple submissions will be required
  • Best to handle complicated notices or Which has multiple reasons
  • Best onetime fees and complete peace of mind
  • 39950+GST

Packages Summary

This package best suited for those who want to consult a CA and discuss the notice and why it has been issued. As IT notices need to be handled by expert professional and its casual handling can result in big financial consequences. Hence before you handover your notice, you need to understand whether your case in expert hands. “Just Consulting“ package is meant for getting first-hand knowledge of why the Notice is received and what steps need to be taken further. Once you are satisfied with our response you can authorize us for future handling.

What is in the scope of the package?

It includes analyzing the notice; provide you with the reason for notice and what are the documents and information you need to supply to answer the notice.

What is out of scope?

1) We can’t provide online support by taking access to your computer
2) We won’t prepare any letter or documents.
3) Drafting a letter or notice reply
4) Compiling documents and information, Only guidance can be provided

One-Time Submission

This package is suitable where the issue is rather simple and One-Time submission of documents and Information will suffice to conclude. And you want our team to handle it. Most of the simple notices don’t require more than one online submission so why to pay Rs/- 30000 or Rs/- 40000 when it can work out in mere Rs/- 4950 to settle down.

Hence this package will be more appropriate if you are looking for professional help for an initial reply or simple query solutions. The follow-up reply can be handled by you as well. Anyhow if notice require more reply or submissions and you would like to engage us for that as well, we can do it for just Rs 4449 per follow up reply.

So there is nothing to worry.

What is included?

This package is included analysis of notice, preparing, and compilation of information and documents, online submission of Notice reply. Sending a scan of all details along with acknowledgment for submission of reply one time only.

What is not included?

Further handling of reply (Unless follow up fees paid)
Online support beyond the scope of the first reply
Phone support beyond the scope of the first reply

Comprehensive IT Notice Handling

This is a perfect solution if you want to have end-to-end solutions within a fixed price. We will take complete responsibility for the submission of documents and information, as many times it takes to close the case. This package gives you complete peace of mind and prompt handling of notice end to end, without being worried about repetitive fees and countless follow-ups. A dedicated person will be allotted to collect the document and information and submit it to Income tax officer. He will also coordinate and track the case from start to end till the time, the requirement is submitted and the case is closed.

Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you receive IT notices?

Actually it can be due to various reason starting from simple errors or omissions to complicated interpretation of law, Each Tax notice need to be checked and cross checked to understand the non compliance or the possible reason to receive such IT notices. Some of reasons to receive online Income tax Notices are given herewith: –
Not showing other income such as Rent, FD interest
Showing only one form 16 after a job change
Not showing Share transactions or investment in MF
Forget to show income received for one time consulting fees
Not showing property sale or purchase transactions
The proper return filing is a key to avoid such notices; with advent of technology IT department can find error and omission quite quickly as compared to earlier times. Hence the number of notices has been increased in past few years.
Under billing or over expenses
Claim of loss or low profit as compared to industry standard
Large cash transaction
Personal Expenses claimed as business expenses etc.

What kind of Business and Professionals are covered under this services?

This service is meant for handling income tax notices issued to following group of business and professionals
1) IT Notices to Small business
2) IT Notices for MSME
3) IT notices for SME
4) IT notice issued to Doctors
5) IT Notices Issued to Consultants
6) IT Notices issues to Proprietary firms
7) IT Notices Issued to Partnership Firm
8) Income tax Notices to Private limited Company
9) IT notices to Limited Liability partners (LLP)
10) IT notices to Trusts, Societies, NGOs
11) IT notice to Sailors for Foreign going ships
12) IT Notices to Non Resident Indians (NRI)
13) IT Notices to Citizen of Indian Origin (CIO card holder)

What is Intimation U/s 243(1)? Do I need to take any action?

U/s 243(1) of Income tax act 1961, a mere intimation is sent when income is processed based on information provided by you in the income tax return. It is not a notice per se. In case there is no demand or refund showing in the final calculation sent along with intimation. There is no further action is required.

What is CASS selected Scrutiny?

Income Tax Department has its own proprietary server who access data from various sources, Analyze it and red flag suspicious transactions. Department send notices to such taxpayer where server has red flagged some of the transaction. It is issued directly from head office while concerned Assessing officer is in charge to collect analyze and submit the orders.

What is a limited Scrutiny?

When Income tax office want to check only few entries or only a limited scope of income and not the all related details it is called Limited scrutiny in an Income tax return, then a limited scrutiny order is issued. For example there is a sale of house, which is not reflecting in the IT return filed by you, then a limited scrutiny order can be issued.

Can any tax consultant handle an IT Scrutiny notice?

You need to check if the Consultant who is going to reply for tax notice has handled such notices in past, and what was the outcome. Any Tax consultant who is just having knowledge of tax return filing will not able to handle the scrutiny notices properly. Here at AKT Associates, We have dedicated team lead by an expert CA to handle only scrutiny related cases. Rest assured your case would not be a trial and error for us.

How much time it takes to settle the IT notices?

It actually depends on type of Notice, and level of complexity. Some Notice which has error and omission issues can be settled with one or two reply, if documents and information asked properly supplied. While other which require many information and have multiple non disclosure takes 4-5 times documents submission
What is Notice U/s 143(2) of Income tax Act 1961?
It is also called detailed scrutiny notice. When the return filed by you is not complete or some information is missing for the purpose of Assessment then IT department issues such notices, In case IT return itself is not filed, then the IT officer will call upon to first file the return, In such case a correct and proper return should be first filed including payment of taxes.

What is Notice U/s 144 of Income tax Act 1961?

Section 144 is also known as Ex Parte Assessment, Or in simple term when you don’t reply to Income Notices or the documents and details asked, then Income Tax officer can do an Assessment and issue a demand notice as per their understanding, without even asking you further. This situation can be worse for you as you are on your back-foot as the next level is go for appeal, Which is costly and time consuming activity for a tax payer.

What is Notice U/s 148 of Income tax Act 1961?

This is also called Re-Assessment or Reopening of old years details, This section is a clear signal that Income Tax officer has in his possession some information which hints that you have purposely hidden or under reported your income. This is issued when even after your filing of return and paying Income tax, your return is not showing true and fair state of your income. This Notice can be issued upto 4 years from the end of year for which Notice has been sent

How to reply online tax notices?

You need to login into your income tax filing portal, with your credentials, Click on Pending for your actions, It will show pending Notice. You need to click on the Notice a tab will open,where you can fill up your response and attach the supporting documents.

What is the procedure to reply online Notice in Income tax?

After understanding the issue, all the supporting documents and information should be compiled and then a covering letter should also be attached explaining and supporting facts on which taxpayer is relying. Once submission is made, Acknowledgements for it will be shown online and itneeds to be saved and kept for future reference. In case any further follow up information is asked by Assessing Officer, The same need to be prepared/procured and produced online in time bound manner.

What can be consequences if Online tax notice not responded within timeline provided?

In such situation Assessing Officer can provoke Sec 144 for Ex parte Assessment, i.e. he will go ahead to assess the Income tax on the basis of records and details available to him, without further waiting for Assessee to submit the details online. It can adversely affect the tax liability. The Assessment U/s 144 also called Wrath of Taxman, Although there are also check and balance for Assessment U/s 144 however Any Assessment U/s 144 definitely not going to be a soft one as the AO will not assess you ruthlessly but also penalize you for not providing document and also for trying to hide information and non co-operation. Hence the IT notice should be treated with utmost urgency and should be complied with in a time bound manner.
What are course of action available once Assessment Order is passed?
If Assessment done by AO is not justificatory and Taxpayer feels that in fact it has been an Arm twisting high pitch assessment where AO has unneccesalilty taxed income. He take further action
1) Apply for Rectification with Commissioner
2) File Appeal with IT Commissioner (Appeal)

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