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First of its kind honest opinion service in India.

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Property Decisions Rs. 2490*
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  • 2490+GST

Investment Decisions Rs. 2490*
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  • 2490+GST

Tax Saving & Planning Decisions Rs. 2490*
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  • 2490+GST

Starting a Business Decisions Rs. 2490*
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  • 2490+GST

Investment in Bit-coin and Other Crypto-currency


Should I Invest in Bit-coin? Ya it is question of Millennium and almost everyone is asking the same question. But are they getting correct answer? Most probably not at all.

All of sudden from nowhere a complete army of consultant has appeared who claim to be expert in everything related to cryptos and claim to be holding all secret of this digital currency. The catchy advertisement on websites, that claims to make you millionaire by night.

All of sudden it has become a craze, All of sudden every one is launching their own crypto-currency and now there are around 250 types of Crypto-currency. While Bitcoin is leading the pack followed by Ripple and the Ethereum.  There is maddening surge in their prices and everyone is running to get a pie in the crypto-cake.

But in all this noise the basic question has been lost i.e. “Should you invest in crypto-currencies?”

You can’t expect to get a fair answer from guys who are much busy to encash this opportunity such as Coin Exchanges, wallet companies, Entities who are mining it or from so called fly by night Experts on Crypto.

We have taken this responsibility to give a sane and practical advise to common investors, We are happy to share our experiences, study and learning to you, We are not claiming to be expert of Crypto currencies however our understanding and years of experience auditing companies and detecting fraud gave us instincts to guide you on subjects like how you can buy, hold and profit from Bit-coin without loosing your pants.

You can seek guidance on topics like :-

  1. Should you invest in Crypto currencies? If yes How?
  2. What is proper procedure to buy, hold and sell Crypto-currencies?
  3. Which are reliable sources to buy and sell crypto?
  4. What is tax on such transactions
  5. Which are the reliable exchanges, Wallets to use in India?
  6. How to keep your Bit coin safe?
  7. What are currencies, which should be bought?

These are not exhaustive list but to give you a fair idea


Honest opinion for Property Decisions

This is suitable for persons who are looking to either sale or buy a property and are concerned about various legalities, taxation and other related issues. As it is a high value transaction a wrong decision can plunge you in big financial/legal mess. Advise from property brokers are not dependable as they are more keen to get their brokerage and hence it has a big conflict of interest. Builders are far from reliable and even lawyers knowledge is limited to legal part and may not be in position to guide you on other parts such as taxation and other practical and technical aspects.  Our experts for Properties are Chartered Accountants, Ex-Bankers who are dealing with such issues on daily basis and are aware of practical nitty gritty and their practical solutions.

Our expert’s unbiased advice can help you on queries ranging from

  1. Ideal procedure for sale or buy or property
  2. Legal titles and related issues
  3. Legal procedure and documentation related queries
  4. Hidden cost on property transaction
  5. Home loan related queries
  6. Tax on Properties transaction
  7. TDS on properties
  8. Taxation for NRI on sale of properties

These are not exhaustive list but to give you an fair idea


Investment Decisions

Are you considering investing in shares or Mutual fund?

Or your investment advisor has offered any financial product of Insurance based investment?

Or there has been some business proposal offered to you?

Are you in dilemma and feel to get an honest feedback or review before you put your hard earned money in any investment, which looks lucrative?

You are not alone considering the financial literacy is still an issue in India. Many Investment advisors, Insurance agents and stockbrokers take their clients for a ride. Miss selling of financial product is rampant in India, however you can’t avoid them as well. The crux to issue here is not to avoid but take informed decision.

Our unbiased review will help you to take that informed decision and to avoid some unwanted investment in your portfolio. You can seek from us opinions and advisory on following topics

A. Shares

  1. Whether to invest in stock market? if yes then how?
  2. Whether I should go for day trading, futures and Options? My brokers is showing me 300% profit Year on year?
  3. What kind of stocks I should add to my portfolio? Please note we don’t give stock specific advice.
  4. Should I go for commodities trading?

B. Mutual Funds

  1. Should I go for Mutual funds or directly invest in Stocks?
  2. Is SIP makes sense for you?
  3. What will be perfect portfolio for me?
  4. Is Debt MF is better then Bank FD?
  5. What should be Ideal portfolio for you?
  6. Ho you should review your portfolio and take corrective actions?
  7. How you can buy Mutual fund directly from fund houses and save brokerage?

C. Insurance

  1. Should you go for Pure Term Plan or mixed products like ULIP?
  2. What are points you need to consider while buying a term plan?
  3. What Riders you should add on your term plan?
  4. How much Term Cover is enough for you?
  5. Should you buy Insurance plan to save tax?
  6. Is children plans are required?
  7. How much health insurance is required
  8. Family floater or Single health insurance?
  9. Is money back plans are good for cover and insurance?

These are not exhaustive list but to give you broad idea


Tax Saving and Planning Decisions

Every year loads of financial products including Insurance are sold to salaried class, on the name of tax saving, however how it is justified to loose 70% just to save 30%. In other words if you buy a wrong tax saving instrument you loose actually 70 Rs. just to avoid 30 Rs. tax. Practically it will be much wiser to pay 30% tax and invest 70 Rs in investment, which gives you better returns.  Off-course it looks foolish but every year majority of taxpayer do this again and again.

Our Expert CA and tax advisors can actually guide you on these issues and help you to avoid such costly mistakes.

We can also give you Tax Saving and Planning TIPS beyond 80C deductions.

You can ask following type of questions from our experts.

  1. What kind of Tax saving products is best for you?
  2. What are Tax Saving Options other then 80C?
  3. Various Tax planning avenues within legal framework
  4. How to correct past tax saving mistakes without much pinch?
  5. Salary structuring Tips?
  6. Tax saving Tips?
  7. Tax efficient Investment?
  8. Overall tax reduction with proper and legal tax planning

These are not exhaustive list but to give you broad idea


Starting a New Business/Venture

Are you thinking from long time to be your own boss, however don’t have enough clarity to take next step ?

Are you stuck with various basic questions like Funding, Taxations, and Marketing etc?

Do you have some great business idea, however not clear how to transform that into a business?

Are you running an existing business but not clear how to take it to next level?

You can rely on expertise of our expert CA and Business consultant. You can get answers to all your questions at one place, be it related to funding, Taxation, Form of business, Digital marketing, Initial feedback, e-commerce along with how to set up you first office.

Our advice can guide you to test the water without taking too much risk. You can expect practical guidance on following type of queries

  1. Should I start business as proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited Company? Which one will be best for me?
  2. From where I can get initial funding to start the business
  3. What will be various applicable taxes on my business?
  4. What are different kinds of registrations I need to take?
  5. Should I take logo registration for my business name initially or wait once it become famous?
  6. How to approach digital marketing?
  7. How to create initial customer base?
  8. How to set up initial billing and accounting system?

These are not exhaustive list but to give you broad idea


Why Google Gyan don’t work always?

As Google has become our seventh sense, we run to search everything on Google and try to make sense out of it. While there is no denying that Google is great tool to search knowledge, It fails when it comes to take big decisions, especially if you don’t have related back ground and experience. The reason is very simple, for every article that gives you correct picture, there is five article written with vested interests. Further each article even without any wrong intention, may not answer your questions in exact sense. At last you are left with piecemeal knowledge to make sense out of it by stitching it together, Which may or may not give you exact picture you are expecting to see.

Wouldn’t be It better to take help of a professional by just spending Rs 500 instead of spending countless hours on searching information on web, to be left at last to take a guts call.

Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind launching honest opinion?

We thought of starting this services after a personal experience of one of our founder, who need a medical advise on a minor surgery, Every doctor he met and consulted has its own agenda and no one was interested for the benefit of Patient. We thought that user might have faced same issue when they might be making decisions related to investment, buying a property, Starting a new business. However to whomsoever they might be approaching might not be giving them an honest advise due to obvious conflict of interest. Hence we decided to start such services where we will just provide you an honest opinion and will not indulge in any follow up sale of products or services to avoid any kind of possible conflict of interest or biasedness.

But how you can say other professional are not giving best advise to their client?

We are not claiming that everyone is a cheater there are really good guys, doing wonderful things, however if you see the entire advisory chain system, you will agree when a person have to earn from you there is more chances of biasness. A famous proverb says “ Ghoda Ghass se Dosti karega to khayega kya?” (If Horse becomes friend of Grass then what he will eat). The same point is here the whole ecosystem of free advisory works on selling product or services, which is best for seller but always not best for buyer. If your advisor’s Income depends on follow up sales or services, he can’t be unbiased.

Hence in our services we clearly removed cross sales of any kind of product or services to remove any possible conflict of interest.

Who will be providing consulting to me?

CA, MBA, CS, and Business Advisors who have expertise in particular domain will consult you. In Any case your advisor will have at least 5years + expertise in that relevant domain. We have separate dedicated experts for different domain of advisory.

What will be charges for consulting and Time slot?

We will charge fix 500 Rs. all inclusive for 30 minute consulting slot.

What if my query requires more time?

You can book 2 consulting slots at a time, However we advise you shouldn’t book slot for more then 1 hour and should take follow-up consulting if required. This will help you to get more focused advisory.

Although we might have recommended to take more slot booking to increase our revenue. However our main aim to provide this services to maximum number of people at vary affordable price, and not to just profiteering.

With limited Number of experts on boards currently our aim to reach maximum people to extend this affordable expert advisory.

How I can seek follow up consulting?

The same way you can seek a follow up session by booking appointment. We will try to accommodate you in vary next day session but our TAT is to give you allotment in 48 hours schedule based on availability of slots.

Will I get refund if I want to cancel my appointment?

Yes, You will get full refund, No question asked, provided you intimate us by sending an email to at least 4 hours before your scheduled appointment. All refund will be sent to your Paytm accounts. Hence you should have a Paytm app installed. No net banking or imps can be done due to security reasons.

Will I get refund if I am not agreeing with advisory provided to me?

No, as our point is to give you a true guidance, you may choose not to agree with it.

Post advisory; will I get some reference to any service provider from where we can get the work done?

Generally we will not like to recommend any specific brand or service provider to avoid any possible conflict of interest. We will more likely tell you how to choose and from where you can find such services yourself however on your specific request we can guide you, however final call will be yours.

AKT Associates, Itself a service provider for various services, how can you be independent?

To maintain the independent-ness we are obliged not to offer any of our services to any person to whom we have offered our honest opinion services.

How you can call yourself independent, honest or unbiased?

If we are not interest in anything to cross sell you, or to convince you to buy something, When our income does not depends on either you buy that investment, property or tax saving instrument or not. When I don’t expect any other business from you apart from just advising and expressing my opinion It is more likely that we will share truth with you. We can talk hard truth, as there is no commission I am going to earn by misguiding you. I can even ask you to back off from deal if it is in your favor, as my Rs 500 fees is not depending on deal or No deal.

We are not going to recommend any product or company but like a generic medicine we will only give you class, categories and characters of ideal products for you and leave you to decide product, brand and Company.

At last we are leaving at our client to take their stand on our independent-ness, honesty and unbiased-ness. But most of you will accept, if we are working in above mention environment there is natural reason that you will get unbiased opinion.

Why AKT Associates?

Expertise - That Counts

We are handling more than 1500+ successful clients and providing them with services which covers Legal, Technical, Taxation and other business compliance part. That all says a lot on our ways of working and our expertise in the area.

Experience - That Matters

At AKT associates we have been our client’s obvious choice since more than 20 years. For serving you with the best results we use our experience of decades which has exposed us with deep understand.

Efficiency - That reflects in everything

With a strong team which comprises of experts with qualification like CA, CS, MBA & LLB and they will all available with the wholesome result, with dedicated customer service team and support staff. We are always there to execute your work efficiently.

Cost - That saves a Lot

We touch the top position not just because we are the best in what we do but also because we know the value of your time and money. We know the value of your time so all the work by AKT Associates is performed on time and at around 70% less cost in comparison to all the other leading firms of the market that too without compromising on the quality aspect.

Conveniences - That says a Lot

The services of the firm are performed and delivered by using the cutting edge technology which makes the AKT Associates always available & deliver services right in your email. So it doesn’t matter where you are because we are always at your finger tips.

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