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Know More About Patent

What is Patent?

A patent is a license or an authority of rights provided by the government on granting a possession for a set of the time period. Well, the right is about preventing others from remaking or utilizing the inventions of yours without your explicit permission.

What can be patented?

The invention in a wide range of category can patentable. Starting from appliances, mechanical devices/products, chemical inventions, biological inventions, computer-related inventions, and many more can patent. We AKT Associates can assist you on availing patent for your inventions for affordable professional fees.

Having doubt whether your invention can be patentable? Don’t hesitate to call our expert team today to get the guidance. You will be assisted by our well-trained and professional team members or from our patent attorney.   

Criteria for Filing a Patent Registration

  • Your invention must be a newly developed one and it should not be published or registered anywhere before the patent filing date.  
  • The expert of the field in which your invention is about to register must approve your invention as an exception or innovative development.
  • Finally, your invention must be useful with practical use.

Types of Patent

  • Utility Patent (Full-Term Patents):

Under this Utility patent invention oriented to functional aspects registered. An invention registered under this type has the patents protection for up to 20 years. To avail utility patent the applicant must provide the essential proofs for invention’s novelty.

Invention applied to avail this patent type tested in depth by experts including its novelty. Cost of registration and time period to avail this patent is slightly higher.

  • Design Patent (Short-Term Patents):

Design patent mainly used by the small inventors. In general, the inventions come under this patent won’t be a complex thing. Inventions of this category patents will serve as an aesthetic instead of being a useful thing.

Inventions under this patent require no invention’s novelty also the cost and time period of availing design patent registration is considerably low when compared with Utility patent. Initially, the Inventions under this patent protected for 10 years and later it can extendable to another 5 years.   

What’s Included in our Patent Registration Package?

AKT Associates offer you a wide range of packages in order to assist you in picking the suitable packages. Each of our packages has its own features and value-added services. However, there are a few things which are common to all our packages. And those common features listed below.

  • Patent search by skillful professional
  • Clients will get assistance in drafting and filling the application
  • Assistance on paying government fees for appropriate patent type.

Benefits of Patents

  • A patent gives the inventor the legal rights of protection his/her invention from manufacturing/selling/using/Marketing by others without permission.
  • It gives the advantages of keeping the competitors at bay for a determined period of time from utilizing the patented inventions and gives an edge to the company.
  • It allows inventors to negotiate with investors or partners for utilizing the inventions.
  • It gives the inventors to provide a license for others to manufacturer the same invention.
  • It can be crucial for an inventor before it start monetization of Invention
Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any territorial restriction for patent registration?

Yes! The patent needs to be registered in the country where the registration filed. However, it can file in other countries according to the constitutional law of that particular country.

What are the steps for patent registration?

  • Step1: Make a note on your Invention (Idea or Concept) in details along with its pictorial (diagrammatic) representation
  • Step 2: Make sure your invention is patentable and check whether your invention has those patentability criteria mentioned in India patent act
  • Step 3: Do research on the patentability criteria and cross-check whether your invention has fulfilled those according to the Indian patent act
  • Step 5: Fill provisional patent application and a request for examination, once patent examiner examines your invention and submits a report to the controller.
  • Step 6: If your invention meets all the patentability requirements, your application will be approved and the grant of the patent will be notified in the patent journal.

All those steps will be taken care of by the expert team of AKT associates so that you no need to worry about the registration process.

How much time does it take to get a patent?

For availing patent rights, generally one supposed to wait for around 4 to 10 years. However, if you are applying patent rights directly in a nonprovisional means you need to wait for 18 months for your patent publication afterward it will take another 6 to 46 months to grant a patent for your invention.

Can I license or Sell the patent?

Yes! A patent can be sold or licensed but the inventor must hold the patented rights for his invention.

Can someone challenge my patent?

According to Indian Patent Law, the third party can challenge the patent validity either via patent office or via the court of your patent application only before it granted to your invention. We, AKT associates will assist you in such a situation.

Can my Patent application be rejected?

Yes! A patent examiner has the rights to reject or object your invention. However, you have the option of re-apply your invention if you feel your invention is valid to get patent rights. For more details, get in touch with our professional team.

What to do if someone tries to copy my invention despite its Patent registration?

If you suspect someone stealing your patented inventions/ideas then you can file a lawsuit through our AKT associate attorneys in court to seek damage and can prevent any such act in future. For more information and guidance, contact our professional team.

What to do if a patent application is rejected or challenged?

AKT associates team will guide you to file an appeal against the controller’s decision of rejection or challenge made by the third party. In fact, you can seek remedy by filing a petition against the board decision in court.

What happens after my patent expires?

After patent expiration, the invention will fall into the public domain where you can’t have the rights to hold others from utilizing your invention. By the way, you can extend your patent by renewal. AKT associates will help you in extending your patent.

Can I extend the patent protection for my invention?

Yes! You can extend the patent protection with proper renewal fees; however, there are certain limits on the extension in terms of years. To know more about this contact our support team by sending us a mail to

Can I register a patent in other countries via AKT Associates?

Yes! Our team will assist you in gaining patent rights from various countries through our associate attorneys in other countries. However, documentation, patent cost, terms & conditions will vary depending on relevant country law.

Is there any option for finding whether my inventions already patented?

Yes! Inventors can do an online patent search. Our patent attorney will guide throughout the entire process. To more about the online patent search, call our support team by dialing 8080809061.

Is it possible for me to check my patent application status?

Yes! Once, your patent application filed with the registrar you can follow the status through our AKT associates platform or by contacting our support team.

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