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Package NIL Filer Just Started Micro Small Medium Expansion Enterprise
Sales T.O. No Business Upto 10L Upto 30L Upto 50L Upto 1 Cr Upto 2 Cr Above 2 Cr
Income Tax Return 2500 3500 4000 4500 4500 4500 4500
Form Filing to Registrar Of Firm 500 500 1000 1250 1500 1500 1500
Total 5950* 3949* 4949* 5699* 5949* 5949* 5949*

+Accounting  & Audit

+Accounting  & Audit
+Accounting  & Audit
+Accounting  & Audit

+Accounting  & Audit

+Accounting  & Audit
+Accounting  & Audit
Accounting   5000 7500        
Accounts Finalize 5000 5000 5000        
Tax Audit (Service) NA NA NA        
Tax Audit (Other Then Service)              
Total 5000 10000 12500        
Grand Total 8000 14000 17500 5750 6000 6000 6000
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Kindly Note Following expenses will be charged case to case basis Kindly Note Following expenses will be charged case to case basis

1. For the Service sector, there will be Tax Audit above turnover of Rs/- 50 Lakhs
2. For Other then Service provider there will be Tax Audit above turnovers of Rs/- 2 Cr.
3. In the case of Tax Audit, there will be a requirement of Digital signature which will be separately charged Rs/- 1500


Annual filing for Partnership Firm

A partnership firm is a business form of friendship, which is as old as human civilization. Yearly return filing is one of the most forgetful even for many partnership firms in India, Which should not be the case. Every partnership firm whether they have done any business or not, Need to finalize their accounts and file income tax return every year without fail. Apart from that in some status, they need to submit one copy for return to a registrar of Partnership firm, which is the governing body for registered partnership firm in that state. Apart from the compliance point of view to maintain trust within the partners a firm should keep a proper book of accounts and should share periodically as well. At AKT Associates we have well thought yearly filing and maintenance packages for partnership firm. Leave compliance part to one of India’s best online tax compliance firm and enjoy the action of being a businessman.

Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Partnership firm has not started revenue yet, Do still we need to file annual returns?

Yes, even there is no transaction still annual filing for a partnership need to be done, However as there is no transactions hence the compliance will be quite simple and takes less time. Hence keeping in mind that situation, we have launched our NIL Filer package for the Partnership firms, who are yet to start their revenue. Our package is best & lowest in the India and will take care of initial year of compliance without burning a hole into pocket of promoters/partners

What are the pre-requirement before annual filing of a Partnership firm?

Before annul filing following activities should be completed: –

  • Accounting for the company should be complete
  • Accounts Finalizations and preparation of Balance sheet and Profit & Loss A/c

What are late fees for late filing of annual returns?

Registrar of Firms changes a nominal late filing fee. Further in case of late filing of Income tax return, the late fees of Rs/- 5000-Rs/- 10000 has been introduced.

Why AKT Associates’ Annual filing Packages are best for SME Partnership Firms?

We Understand that Compliance or Filing expenses is a cost for any just started Firms; hence it has to be as least as possible. Hence we have made customized filing package as per the work. This package can save up-to 70% of your filing cost which you can incur if you file annual compliance through traditional way.

What is last date to file compliances?

Last date to file annual filing for a Partnership Firm is 31th July is no audit is required else 30 Sept if audit is required. However we recommend you should start it post April and should not wait for last date, to avoid last moment rush and last day high filing fees for professional. We also offer early arrival discounts if you come early to file your Partnership firms yearly filing.

Who will do Accounting and Accounts Finalization for our Partnership firm?

We will do both these activities, only in case there is any tax audit is applicable, that will be undertaken by an Independent CA. However you don’t have to bother to find a CA, We will take care of all coordination related work with CA firm.

Why cost for Accounting and accounts finalization is not given for some packages?

Accounting is very customized assignment and time involved in accounting depends on various factors such as nature of business, Number of sales and purchase invoices, Number of bank transaction and level of complexity. Hence giving a quote for accounting without understanding business will not be justified, As it will lead to either loss for us or loss for you. Therefore our team first understands the business and then only provides you a best possible quote.

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We are handling more than 1500+ successful clients and providing them with services which covers Legal, Technical, Taxation and other business compliance part. That all says a lot on our ways of working and our expertise in the area.

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At AKT associates we have been our client’s obvious choice since more than 20 years. For serving you with the best results we use our experience of decades which has exposed us with deep understand.

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With a strong team which comprises of experts with qualification like CA, CS, MBA & LLB and they will all available with the wholesome result, with dedicated customer service team and support staff. We are always there to execute your work efficiently.

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We touch the top position not just because we are the best in what we do but also because we know the value of your time and money. We know the value of your time so all the work by AKT Associates is performed on time and at around 70% less cost in comparison to all the other leading firms of the market that too without compromising on the quality aspect.

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