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However you can share your requirements in advance by sending an email to, , It will help us to understand your requirement better and deliver more precise tailor-made services.

AKT Advantages

First of its kind service in India for first time homebuyer.

Unbiased advice and support from expert team.
More then 60% cost saving as compared to hiring separate CA and lawyers.
More then 75% saving of your time so your professional life will not get derailed doing legal and tax compliances.
Experienced and expert team to guide you and provide all support from search of property to documentation and registration.
Choose packages best suited for you, Pay for only what you require.

Level 1 Rs. 2490*
  • Tax Advisory

  • 2490+GST



Level 2 Rs. 5000*
  • Level 1+

  • Tax Compliance 
  • 5000+GST

Level 3 Rs. 9950*
  • Level 2+

  • Legal Advisory
  • 9950+GST

Level 4 Rs. 14490*
  • Level 3+

  • Legal Documents Drafting
  • 14490+GST

Level 5 Rs. 14490*
  • Level 4+

  • Home Finance
  • 14490+GST

Level Finale Rs. 14490*
  • Level 5+

  • Home Search
  • 14490+GST

Note:- You can upgrade package anytime by paying differential fees

Level 1 - Tax Advisory

This Package is best suited for

Those homebuyers or Home Sellers who want to engage us only for tax advisory purpose. For example they want to seek clarity on tax on sale of property, computation of Long term or Short-term capital gain tax, or to know all tax related compliance etc. This is a basic start-up package, where you can experience our services and later at any point of time upgrade to next level of engagement by paying differential fees. Any way you can directly go to higher level also and seek refund if not satisfied by our services.

You can seek guidance on topics like: –

  1. What is various tax compliance on buying or selling of property?
  2. What are various taxes and rate therein?
  3. What is TDS rate on sell of property?
  4. What is various ways to save tax on sell of property?
  5. Different timeline for tax related compliance
  6. How much long term or short-term capital gain required to be paid?
  7. Any related query

These are not exhaustive list but just to give you a fair idea

What this Package includes

  • Queries can be asked through call or email.
  • 1 Advisory session with an Expert CA for 30 min.
  • 3 follow up advisory with an Expert CA for 15 min each.

What is not included?

  • Computation or any work out.
  • Computation of TDS or Eligible tax deduction.
  • Any Advisory, which require separate calculation or work out.
  • Filing of any kind of return.
  • Any kind of support onsite or offsite.


Level 2 - Level 1+Tax Advisory & Compliance

This Package is best for

Those homebuyers who also want us to file all tax related return along with providing advisory. So you can be sure that all your tax compliance part is duly taken care. This package will include all services of Level 1 plus filing of required tax filings from property buyer’s side.

What this Package includes

  1. All services of Level 1.
  2. Computation of LTCG Tax or STCG Tax.
  3. Computation of TDS or Eligible Tax Deduction.
  4. Filing of TDS on Property return for one buyer –One Seller.
  5. Filing of Income Tax return of one buyer.

What is not included?

  • Different Scenario analysis.
  • Any advisory, which require separate calculation or work out apart from what is included in package.
  • Filing of TDS return when there is more then one buyer of seller for same property. It will be separately chargeable @ Rs/- 750 per buyer or seller.
  • Any legal advisory not related to tax on property.


Level 3 – Level 2+ Legal Advisory

This Package is best for

For those homebuyers who are searching for a new home and need tax as well legal advisory so that there journey to buy dream home go without any legal hiccup. This package will include all services of Level 2 plus Legal advisory on various legal issues such as.

  1. What are the legal documents need to check before you decide to buy a house?
  2. How to check if the property is free from any legal or financial problem?
  3. What is a step when buying a property in resale?
  4. How to deal with mortgage property?
  5. How to buy properties in case of joint owners?

What this Package includes

  • All services of package 2
  • 1 Legal advisory session of 45 Minute and 3 sessions for 15 minutes

What is not included?

  • Drafting of legal documents
  • Property Search or survey
  • Documents verification or checking
  • Any work beyond scope of this package


Level 4 – Level 3 + Legal Documents Drafting

This Package is best for

For those homebuyers who are searching for a new home and need comprehensive tax and legal services starting from advisory to drafting of required legal documents. This package will include all services of Level 3 plus drafting of all legal documents such as MOU, Agreement for Sale, Sale Deed etc.

What this Package includes

  1. All services of package 3
  2. Drafting of MOU
  3. Drafting of Agreement for Sale
  4. Drafting of Sale Deed (If Required)

What is not includes

  • Registration of agreement and deed with registrar.
  • Transfer of Electricity bill.
  • Any other documents not included in this level


Level 5 – Level 4 + Home Finance

This Package is best for

This package is especially designed for those homebuyers who have shortlisted their dream home however looking for a reliable firm who can take care of their Home Loan, Legal and tax requirement. This package is best suited where person can’t devote too much time running around for all these requirements due to his professional or Job pre-occupation. This is also best for NRI property buyers who can’t spend too much time in India to conclude all these time consuming compliance and run around for home loans. Kindly note there will not be any charges from your side for home finance services, we will get commission from other party, hence you can get Level 5 services by just paying for Level 4

What this Package includes

  1. All services of package 4
  2. Preparing documents for Home Loan
  3. Filing IT return (If required)
  4. Follow up with bank till disbursement of Loan

What is not includes

  • Closure of Previous loan of seller.
  • CIBIL Score checking (Bank will do it).
  • Any other documents or services not included in this level.


Level 6 – Level 5 + Home Search

This is the ultimate level of engagement

For any home buyer, which starts from finding of a home as per your requirement and within budget and then initiate all process such as home finance, legal and tax compliance till the time you get your dream homes possession. This package is best for first time homebuyers who need an expert on their side to guide and help them to make correct decision. Before we start your home search we will do all a small interview to find your requirement and accordingly we will offer you matching property. We will require 30 days and will show you up-to 30 properties within your criteria. If you still not satisfied we will refund you whole amount without asking any further question. Please note we will not charge any fees/ commission for home search or home loan services, you just need to pay us for legal and tax compliance purpose. If there will be any charges we may collect it from other party, So in-fact you can get comprehensive home purchase services of level 6 by just pay for Level 4. Plus guaranteed home matching your requirement within 30 days or full refund of advance fees. Currently we are offering these services in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Thane and Panvel area. Soon these will be extended to Bangluru, Ahmadabad, Hydrabad, Delhi and Bhimavaram.

What this Package includes

  • All services of package 5
  • Searching of Home as per requirement.
  • Arranging, Co-coordinating Meeting with builder/seller
  • Negotiating price and terms on behalf of buyer.

What is not includes

  • Any other documents or services not included in this level.


Why Google Gyan don’t work always?

As Google has become our seventh sense, we run to search everything on Google and try to make sense out of it. While there is no denying that Google is great tool to search knowledge, It fails when it comes to take big decisions, especially if you don’t have related back ground and experience. The reason is very simple, for every article or information that gives you correct picture, there is five article written with vested interests. Further each article even without any wrong intention, may not answer your questions in exact sense. Home buying is one of biggest decision in someone’s line and definitely you want to mess here. Trusting persons with vested interest have more chances to land on a raw deal.

While we at AKT believe that Trust & expertise is the key factor for such a big decisions and you can trust us for both of it. Although we are providing end-to-end services but we never force client to go for top level directly. You can engage us for level one and then based on experience engage us for next level. No Agency in India gives you this flexibility. They will be more interested to sell you house or get you a loan, which may not be best for you. However here in AKT we are happy with even 1250 Rs fees provided the purpose would be served.

Wouldn’t be It better to take help of a professional by just spending Rs/- 500 instead of spending countless hours on searching information on web, to be left at last to take a gut call.

Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

What led you to start these services?

We thought to start these services after a few of our clients, who recently bought houses and gone through very strenuous time to complete all the formalities. They felt that there is a need for such agencies who can take care all such compliance fora fees at one place. Further, they also expressed that there is an acute shortage of reliable, professional and transparent services. Lofty agents and other middlemen are making the process even more difficult. Even one of the previous founder who recently bought the house also gone through similar upheaval despite being a CA himself who has knowledge of all these procedures. He shared with us that industry indeed needs good firms with transparent and honest practices to come in this area and there is actually a great demand of such services. Inspired by these feedbacks and further survey we decided to extend our services to homebuyers especially first-time homebuyers.

Can I ask for a refund if I am not happy with the services?

Yes, you can get a refund after deducting fees, up-to percentage of work completed or time devoted. However, there is no refund for level 1 engagement as its consulting based fees.

Who will provide services to me?

You’re all tax related queries will be taken care by an expert CA while legal part will be handled by experienced property lawyers. These will be either an in-house expert or professionals working with us on a project-to-project basis.

How will I be updated about my work?

We have state of the artwork monitoring and reporting system, you will be kept updated regularly through email and sms, even we will provide your login id to check work status whenever you wish, by login to our portal. To make it further full proof we will also allow one dedicated RM for your case to which you can call if you need any further clarification or update.

What if I change my mind and decide not to buy a house, Can I get a refund?

As mentioned above you will get a refund of uncompleted tasks that will be a percentage of total fees.

What is the mode of delivery of Services?

All services will be delivered through Email, Phone, Online access and couriers.

Will you also provide Registration of Property, Transfer of Electricity Bill?

Our package does not include these services due to practical issues however we will connect you with our enrolled Agents/Associates to take care of these at very nominal fees, ranging from Rs. 2500 t0 Rs. 8000/. In most of the States, Electricity transfer is very easy and can be done by the buyer himself. However, if you are short of time you can take the services of our associates. Currently, we have a good network of associates, in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Panvel, Another area we are working to bring Associates on Board.

What if I require more advisory time then mentioned in the package?

That will be further chargeable Rs/- 750 per 30 min Session.

What if there are more then one buyer or more then one seller?

There will be extra charges of Rs 750 per buyer or seller for TDS filing and 1950 for the filing of income tax return.

What is Scenario Analysis? Why it should be done? Is it included in the package?

Scenario analysis is checking the tax in different situations such as what is seller want to invest in another house instead of paying taxes or what will be tax if it sold now without waiting to complete three years. The purpose for Scenario-Analysis is to find a course of action which saves maximum tax. Every seller, who want to know if he can maximize his or her tax savings should do it. As this is related to the seller of property hence it is not included in the package, however, many time sellers ask the buyer to find it out all scenarios to make his mind. Hence it will be separately charged Rs 2500/- Per analysis and advisory

Why AKT Associates?

Expertise - That Counts

We are handling more than 1500+ successful clients and providing them with services which covers Legal, Technical, Taxation and other business compliance part. That all says a lot on our ways of working and our expertise in the area.

Experience - That Matters

At AKT associates we have been our client’s obvious choice since more than 20 years. For serving you with the best results we use our experience of decades which has exposed us with deep understand.

Efficiency - That reflects in everything

With a strong team which comprises of experts with qualification like CA, CS, MBA & LLB and they will all available with the wholesome result, with dedicated customer service team and support staff. We are always there to execute your work efficiently.

Cost - That saves a Lot

We touch the top position not just because we are the best in what we do but also because we know the value of your time and money. We know the value of your time so all the work by AKT Associates is performed on time and at around 70% less cost in comparison to all the other leading firms of the market that too without compromising on the quality aspect.

Conveniences - That says a Lot

The services of the firm are performed and delivered by using the cutting edge technology which makes the AKT Associates always available & deliver services right in your email. So it doesn’t matter where you are because we are always at your finger tips.

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Team of Professionals
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