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TM Directory Search: The TM directory is searched thorough prior to registering for a trademark to make sure there is no duplicity.
Trademark application form: Knowing that your logo or brand name is unique, you can go ahead and file for an application with the registrar.
TM number: Same days of filing the application, your TM number will be generated.

Your logo in jpg format
Identity Proof of Applicant such as:-
Pan Card, Aadhar card for Individuals
For Firm Pan card of Firm and Deed will be required
For Companies Certificate of Incorporation and Pan Card
Logo and user affidavit

  • Your Business unique identity well protected
  • Goodwill or trust created which can be monetized
  • Legal protection from duplicators and fake products
  • Global trademark filing
  • Creation of asset, which can be sold in future

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  • Expert consultation services
  • Complete assistance, from application preparation to filing
  • In-depth TM directory search and approval
  • Best industry rates for trademark registration India online


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Logo/Trademark Registration online

A trademark is a visual symbol used by a company or business to distinguish itself from the rest. The symbol can be a name, a word, label, a device or numerals. A registered trademark is an intellectual property or intangible asset for a business that protects the business’s investment in the symbol or brand. Logo trademark registration will not be possible if the trademark is generic, offensive, deceptive, and so on.

Partnership FAQLet It Clear The Confusion

Who all can apply for a trademark?

Any individual, company, society , Firm or proprietor can apply for trademark registration in India.

What can be trademarked?

You can trademark numbers, a slogan a name, a word, an image or even sound.

What is meant by Trademark Class?

Goods and services have been registered under 45 classes by the Trademark Registry. In your logo trademark registration in Mumbai application, mention the class or classes of the goods or services.

When can I start using ‘TM’ with my trademark?

After the completion of logo or trademark registration with the government, a TM number will be issued to you and you can use TM with your logo or brand. However you need to use TM word with your Logo or Trademark.

Is there validity for Trademark?

Yes, a Trademark is valid for ten years. However, you can renew it indefinitely. You just have to pay a renewal fee.

Will my Trademark registry have validity anywhere in the world?

No, your logo trademark registration will only be valid in India. But, in some countries, you may be allowed to use it as a base for registration in those countries.

Is there any difference between a Copyright and Trademark?

Copyright offers you protection for your content like, music or songs. On the other hand, Trademark is assigned to a logo or name and is an intellectual property.

If the name of my company is registered under the Companies Act, do I still require Trademark registration?

Yes, because your brand identity will not be protected with domain or company registration. You need logo trademark registration India online for the protection of your business’s identity.

Why is it important to approach a professional for Trade Mark Or Logo Registration?

A Brand registastration required a proper search and due diligence. A wrong application can be rejected and you can loose your brand to your competitors, further if not porper research is done and you started using an identical brand, you can face litigation and can be exposed to hefty penalties and fine. Hence it is always adwisable to approach an expert and Experience firm Like AKT Associates, instead of relying on agents.

When my Brand / Logo/ Trademark will be finally registered?

Initially only temporary mark allowed to you, which you can use with TM word. Once all the procedures are completed you can start using (R) Word.

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