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Collection of Documents
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1. Copy of Pan Card of Employer
2. Copy of address proof of Employer
3. List of partners, directors and partners of the company
4. Date of establishment
5. Copy of licenses
6. Details about employees

  • Beneficial for both employers and employees
  • Lends a certificate of reliability
  • Boosts Employees trust in Company
  • Enhances employee retention capability
  • Meet mandatory compliance for employers
  • Protect employer from unforeseen Employee injury
  • Helps retirement planning for Employees
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Provident Fund & ESIC Registration online

For companies employing 20 or more employees, provident fund ESIC registration online is mandatory. Provident fund or PF is an investment fund that is contributed by both employers and employees. A lump sum amount is provided to each employee on their retirement. Employee’s State Insurance or ESI, on the other hand, is a self-financing scheme that covers the social security and health insurance of Indian workers. This is also contributed by both employees and employers.

Partnership FAQLet It Clear The Confusion

What does UAN mean?

UAN refers to Universal Account Number, which is given by EPFO upon provident fund registration. This UAN acts as an umbrella for the numerous Member Ids given to individuals by companies.

Who generates and allots the UAN?

EPFO or Employees’ Fund organization allots UAN.

Is KYC mandatory?

KYC is necessary during provident fund registration online. Aadhaar, Pan and bank account number is required to be given by all members.

What is the procedure for ESIC registration for employers?

As an employer, the ESI registration procedure will have to be completed within fifteen days. Employers must file an application for Form 01.

Are there any compliance requirements that I need to fulfill for ESI?

Once you have completed ESIC registration online, you will be needed to comply with different compliances, such as file half yearly returns, deposit monthly contributions and report to the ESIC authorities in case there are any alterations in the activity of your business, management or ownership, the address, etc.

What does ESIC code number mean?

You will be allotted an ESIC code number, which is a seventeen digit unique identification number, after successful ESIC registration.

If the wage of my employers exceed Rs.15,000/- a month, will the contribution to ESI stop?

Even if the wage limit of your employees exceeds the set limit by the Central Government, the contribution will continue to be deducted for as long as the employee continues to be a part of your organization. However at the time of joining an organization an employee who is drawing more then minimum prescribed salary can opt out from such scheme, however once opted he can’t opt out.

Why should I register for PF and ESIC?

Provident fund ESIC registration helps to make your company appear credible and stable, But on top of it is a mandatory compliance for an employer who is employees more then 20 employees.

What is the Purpose for EPF & ESIC?

EPF: – Employee provident fund or EPF is a measure of saving for the employees, which can be used as a supporting income on retirement, or as a measure of immediate relief in case of any unfortunate situation. This can also be a savior for employees in case of a house purchase, Marriage of their children or any other requirements as mentioned in the EPF MA 1952, where partial withdrawal is allowed.

ESIC: – Employee State Insurance Corporation is a mandatory insurance scheme for workers who are drawing less than Rs/- 15000 in month (From 2013 this ceiling is increased to Rs 25000/-). This compulsory insurance also helps employers to cover up their contingent liability of treatment and medical expenses, which may be incurred if any accident is happened at the business premises or factory.

On the other hand it offers an economic & medical assurance to workers and its dependents. Besides providing medical benefits to workers and its dependents it also insure worker from temporary or permanent disablement and sickness.

Who need to apply for EPF & ESIC?

EPF: – Every Business entity that is employing more than 20 employees will mandatorily need to apply for EPF, Even a lesser no of employees may also warrant the registration if same is provided in the Act.

ESIC: – If you have employed people who are drawing a salary less than Rs/-15000 a month (in 2013 it increased to Rs/-25000), then it is mandatory to cover them with ESIC. While Employee with contribute 1.75% of their salaries, the employer contribution will be 4.75%.

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