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Trying to file your GST return? OR
Trying to file your TDS on Property?
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AKT Advantages

First of its kind Services to help small business owners and the salaried taxpayer to do their tax compliance them self

A great on time help to solve small technical and tax issues

IT Return Filing Rs. 950*
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TDS on property payment Rs. 950*
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TDS return filing Rs. 950*
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GST Registration Rs. 950*
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GST return Filing Rs. 1550*
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IT Return Filing

If you are a salaried person or a small business person trying to file your IT return yourself, but stuck at a particular point and feel that someone can just short out that issue, You can count on AKT Associates for it. Our experts will take your system on team viewer support to see and solve the issue. They will also advise you how you can avoid such issues in the future. This support is best for those tax filers who have a special transaction in the current month or facing some technical issues while filing IT return. This support will not be available between 15 to 31st July due to practical issues.

TDS on Property Payment

Have you bought a home recently and trying to file TDS return yourself. If you feel stuck on a particular point or you are getting some error message, which you are not able to understand. This is a time to call a professional for a helping hand. Any guesswork of trial and Error method can prove costly if you have filed your return wrongly. Our Experts will take online access to your system and guide you to file proper return all by yourself. We will guide you to fill up the form properly and file TDS on Property correctly

TDS Return filing (Other then Property)

If you are a Small business owner trying to file TDS return by yourself to save the cost of filing however at the same time you want returns should be correct. Its time to get support from Helping Hand. We can brief you how to file TDS return correctly so that you can do it yourself.

GST Registration

If you are a first-time businessperson trying to register GST yourself, but need some professional guidance to get it quickly and correctly. Even in case you are facing some technical issues for GST registration. You need an expert helping hand. Our Experts will help you to short out your query and resolve technical issues.

 GST Return Filing

Are you stuck on some point while filing GST return? You can rely on our experts to short out it.  Our Expert GST team will contact you to guide you on nuisances of GST and solve technical issues faced by you. You can contact us on the following type of issues:-

  1.  Technical Error
  2. Calculation Errors
  3. Set off issues
  4. Credit c/f related issues

Why Google Gyan don’t work always?

As Google has become our seventh sense, we run to search everything on Google and try to make sense out of it. While there is no denying that Google is a great tool to search knowledge, It fails when it comes to taking big decisions, especially if you don’t have related background and experience. The reason is very simple, for every article that gives you the correct picture, there are five articles written with vested interests. Further, each article even without any wrong intention, may not answer your questions in the exact sense. At last, you are left with piecemeal knowledge to make sense out of it by stitching it together, which may or may not give you the exact picture you are expecting to see.

Wouldn’t be It better to take help of a professional by just spending Rs 950 instead of spending countless hours searching information on the web, to be left at last to take a guts call.

Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind launching helping?

We get almost daily calls where small businessperson call us as they are getting some technical error which is they are not able to understand. Further, they stuck on some points and not able to understand the exact meaning of a particular word or section. However, as earlier, we don’t have any such arrangement to help out when the person was trying to do it yourself compliance. Later we have done an extensive survey and found there is no such service which provides support to small business persons and salaried persons to solve their small technical or legal issues. Hence we decided to launch it on very nominal and affordable fees.

How Support will be Provide to me?

This will be over the phone support along with online access to your system using screen share. We will take control of your screen and troubleshoot issues.

Who will be providing support to me?

Our dedicated team will provide you support who has experienced professional who is working on such issues from quite some time.

What will be charges for and Time slot?

We will charge fix 950 Rs. all inclusive for 45 minute slot.

What if my query requires more time?

Most cases the taken will not go beyond 30 minutes, however, if there are multiple issues we can ask you to pay for two sessions to accommodate all issues.

How I can seek follow up consulting?

The same way you can seek a follow-up session by booking appointment. We will try to accommodate you in very next day session but our TAT is to give you allotment in 48 hours schedule based on the availability of slots.

Will I get refund if my issue not solved?

Generally, in 99% of cases, we will only engage with you if we are confident to solve your issues. Before we will undertake the work our team will call and try to understand the issue before asking you to pay however Yes if are not able to provide a solution within 48 hours of complaint reported. However, there will not be any refund if the issue was not within our scope of work or originate from some other software and hardware issues in the client's system. Such as java not updated, browsers not updated or the Internet is too slow or Govt website is not working. Our scope is to understand your issue and provide possible support and we are not anyway providing any guarantee or warranty to solve the issue. Our fees are nominal changes for time and resources spend to short out your issues.

No, as our point is to give you a true guidance, you may choose not to agree with it.

Why AKT Associates?

Expertise - That Counts

We are handling more than 1500+ successful clients and providing them with services which covers Legal, Technical, Taxation and other business compliance part. That all says a lot on our ways of working and our expertise in the area.

Experience - That Matters

At AKT associates we have been our client’s obvious choice since more than 20 years. For serving you with the best results we use our experience of decades which has exposed us with deep understand.

Efficiency - That reflects in everything

With a strong team which comprises of experts with qualification like CA, CS, MBA & LLB and they will all available with the wholesome result, with dedicated customer service team and support staff. We are always there to execute your work efficiently.

Cost - That saves a Lot

We touch the top position not just because we are the best in what we do but also because we know the value of your time and money. We know the value of your time so all the work by AKT Associates is performed on time and at around 70% less cost in comparison to all the other leading firms of the market that too without compromising on the quality aspect.

Conveniences - That says a Lot

The services of the firm are performed and delivered by using the cutting edge technology which makes the AKT Associates always available & deliver services right in your email. So it doesn’t matter where you are because we are always at your finger tips.

We Deliver to You,
Cost Advantage
Team of Professionals
Presence in Cities

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