Step 3 C:- LLP


Why LLP?

An LLP is a smart option for professionals who want to limit their liability but want to keep a
corporate type identity. LLP provides A limited liability to partners, tax savings and a reduced cost of
compliance as compared to Private limited company.
What is Limited liability
LL clause segregates business and business owners, It says the liability of business owners are limited to the investment made in business. To illustrate in an unfortunate incidence if the business incurs a loss then owner (i.e. Partners) will be liable only till the extent of their capital contribution


Comparatively Less cost of formation
Lower cost of operation
Corporate Identity with Limited liability
Lower cost of Compliance
Easy winding Up


1 Application for Digital signature
2 Application for Director Identification Number (DIN)
3 Application for Name Approval
4 Drafting & Signing of Partnership Deed
5 Filing of Required documents
6 The issue of Certificate of incorporation
7 PAN Card Application
8 TAN Card Application
Check do you require TAN?

AKT Advantage

* Pre-incorporation advise whether an LLP is suitable for your business
* A professional drafting of partnership deed to ensure no complication in future
* Advise on mandatory and unnecessary compliances to further reduce your cost of compliance
* Complete support and guidance for Pre to post incorporation compliances
* Up to 75% less fees as compared to any reputed firm
* Privilege Support & Guidance by Email, AKT Help desk & Face to face guidance on Skype
* Rs 3000 discount in the next year Annual filing that making your LLP formation cost lower by 3000