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Complete the Section 8 form by filling in a few critical details about your proposed company.


Complete the Section 8 form by filling in a few critical details about your proposed company.


Obtain the necessary DIN (Director Identification Number) and DSC (Digital Signature Certificates) for your board of directors.


Apply for the approval of the name of your company.


Online form filing for certificate of incorporation for Section 8 Company.


  Company Officially approved along with PAN & TAN no.

Documents Required
List of Documents Required for Registration of Section 8 Company in India:

ID proof for the members of the board (Aadhaar Card/ Passport/Driver’s License/Voter’s ID)

Address proof for the members of the board (Aadhaar Card/ Passport/ Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill and others)
Other details about the directors (if they are members/partners of other companies)
Recent passport size photographs of all directors
Lease & Licence or Address proof for Registered business address.

Time Period

It takes around 15 – 20 working days for a Section 8 company to be registered and receive all the necessary details like GST, PAN, and TAN numbers.

Here are a few key advantages of Section 8 Companies:

Tax Exemptions 
Several tax exemptions are provided to Section 8 companies. Apart from that, donors who make contributions to these companies can also avail tax benefits.

No Requirement for Minimum Capital 
Unlike other companies like public limited firms, there is no minimum capital requirement for a company to be registered under Section 8.
 No Stamp Duties
A company that is registered under Section 8 is free of stamp duty payments during the registration.
It’s recognised as a Separate Legal Entity
A Section 8 company is officially recognised just like other companies like private limited and public firms. Also, it has a perpetual legal existence.
When it comes to non-profit organisations, a Section 8 company has higher credibility when compared to society or trust. It’s recognised by the central government of India, which further boosts its reliability and reputation.


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Brief about the Section 8 Company

What is a Section 8 Company? – All that you Need to Know

A section 8 company is a firm that is officially registered as an NPO (Non-profit Organisation). It is registered as Not for Profit Company where there is no provision to distribute profit earned. Unlike a public limited company, which divides its profits among the shareholders, an NPO uses the profits (if any) for furthering its objective. The objective of an NPO is usually promotion of education, science, sports, social welfare, research, environmental protection, religion, commerce, arts, and other charitable purposes, Associations, Institutes, Colleges, NGO .

A Section 8 company functions just like a regular company, and it has all the rights and obligations that come with a private limited company. One significant differentiator between both is that the Section 8 Company cannot use the words, “Limited” or “Section 8” in its officially registered name.

Section 8 Companies come under the Companies Act of 2013, which corresponds to the old Section 25 of the Companies Act of 1956. When you register a company under Section 8, you get a certificate of incorporation, authorized by the Central Government of India.

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Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Non Profit Company?

This is a special form of entity, which is formed to serve the purpose where social welfare, common development are the main motive and not profit earning, This type of companies are more suitable for forming an NGO, Any Public benefit trust, Institutes, Colleges, Schools , Trade associations, Commerce and development associations & Clubs. These are also called not for profit Organisation.

How to start a Non Profit Organization?

A Non Profit Organization can be started by first doing the registration. A Non Profit Organisation can be registered as a Society or as a registered Trust or as a Section 8 company. Once Incorporation is done, Mandatory registration need to be taken such as GST Registration, Tax Exemption Certificate etc. After that a Non Profit Organisation can start operation.

How much cost to start a Non Profit Organisation?

It depends what is the legal form you choose,i.e. you register your NGO as a Trust, Society or Section 8 Company. Any way the total cost of Non Profit Organisation can go anywhere between Rs/- 15000 to Rs/- 50000.

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