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Limited Liability

Risk of nonperformance of the company is limited to the only company. If the company is making losses, the personal wealth of directors and members would be safe

Easy to raise capital

Shares could be issued for raising funds and Raising fund/loan is easy as public limited company stimulate trust of the lender

Better Management and Transparency

the Public limited company has better transparency due to mandatory statutory meetings and audits. Also, they shareholding transfer is easy

Time Period

About 10-15 Working Days

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Basic Rs. 25999
  • Public limited company involving 8 DSC 3 DIN

  • 1 Run name approval
  • 5 lakh authorized capital
  • PAN number
  • TAN number
  • Ledger Accounting software
  • Govt. fee and taxes included
Advance Rs. 34399
  • Public limited company registration Having 8 DSC 3 DIN

  • 1 Run name approval
  • 10 Lakhs authorized capital
  • PAN number
  • TAN number
  • Share Certificates
  • Company Kit
  • GST registration number and LEDGERS accounting software
  • Govt. fee and taxes included

Premium Rs. 45399
  • Public limited company registration Involving 8 DSC,3 DIN

  • 1 company name approval
  • 10 Lakhs authorized capital
  • PAN number
  • TAN number
  • Share Certificates
  • Trademark registration
  • LEDGERS accounting software
  • Govt. fee and taxes included

Public Limited Company

Forming a Public limited company has an advantage of limited liability, ability to issue shares, easily raising capital, transferring shareholding, transparency, and no restriction of number of members. in public limited company Minimum number of members is seven and maximum number limit is not fixed.

Public limited company have more power ,so naturally they bear more responsibilities as well that include at least 3 number directors, obligation of statuary meetings, and managerial remuneration not more than 11 %of net profit, Also the paid up capital is 5 lakh.

Let it clear the confusion

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it requires me to physically present at any of processes?

No. The process is completely online and so is our working. You can enjoy our services at any place in the world .just need to send scan documents, and required information when required.

How much time required for registering a Public Limited company?

Generally, it takes 20-24 working days.

What are the Documents required for making the Public limited company?

Directors Id and address proofs, right to practice on the property, NOC from the owner of registered office stating that company is operating from that location. Detail as required by our team.

What is Digital certificate?

It is a digital version of signature required for company registration process.

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