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Partnership is one of oldest form of business format, where two or more people can come together to run a business & share profit or loss from that business.In other word its business form of Friendship

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Step 1 : Drafting of Partnership agreement
Step 2 : Acceptance & signature of partnership agreement
Step 3 : Registration of partnership deed
Step 4 : Application for PAN card for Partnership
Step 5 : Opening of Bank Account
Step 6 : Application for other required Registrations

  • 1. Pan Card Of Partners
  • 2. Address Proof of partners
  • 3. Address Proof or Lease Agreement for Business address
  • Easy to Start
  • Less Compliance
  • Cost & Tax Effective
  • Best Way to Start and Accommodate Initial founders
  • 5-7 Working Days

Free Advisory from Expert

Get Pre registration advise from our experts on partnrship and whether it is suitable for your business type

Only Mandatory Compliance to keep it simple

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Up to 75% less fees as compared to any reputed firm

Post Registration Support

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Bank A/c and PAN, TAN Support

Post registration guidance and support to launch operations fast


  • Partnership Deed Drafted
  • Partnership Deed Notarised
  • PAN No
  • Assistance for Bank A/c
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  • Basic+
  • TAN No
  • Profession Tax
  • Shop & Establishment (Gumasta) Registration
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  • Advance +
  • Deed Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • GST Registration
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  • Premium+
  • Accounts Finalise Upto 10L TO
  • PT + IT Return Filing
  • GST Return Filing
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Add-On Services

  • Domain
  • Website
  • Digital Signature
  • GST Software
  • PF & ESIC Registration
  • Food License
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Add-On Services

  • Domain
  • Website
  • Digital Signature
  • GST Software
  • PF & ESIC Registration
  • Food License
  • Get Started

Add-On Services

  • Domain
  • Website
  • Digital Signature
  • GST Software
  • PF & ESIC Registration
  • Food License
  • Get Started

Add-On Services

  • Domain
  • Website
  • Digital Signature
  • GST Software
  • PF & ESIC Registration
  • Food License
  • Get Started

Partnership compareCompare Your Options

Proprietary rightsParticipationLLPOne person companyPrivate Limited Company
Price Minimum Good Absolute High High
Feature Average Average Distributed Average Average
Control Average Average Limited Limited Limited
Risk Above Average Average Limited Limited Limited
Ease of operation Easy Moderate Moderate Slightly Complicated Slightly Complicated
Compliance Price Low Moderate Moderate High High

Partnership FAQLet It Clear The Confusion

How many types of partnership Deed format are there?

Partnership Deed can be classified on the basis of
1) Written or Oral:- Oral is also a partnership but legally not valid.
2) Limited Period or at will :- Limited period firms are also called Joint ventures while other firms are dissolved at will and there is no limited life and can continue till partners want it to continue.
3) Registered or Unregistered partnership deed.

What is Active or Passive partners?

Partner which are actively engaged in daily activity, While others either contribute just capital or other type of support but not engage in daily activities. Passive partners are also called Sleeping partner. Passive partner are eligible for share in profit but not eligible for Remuneration or salary.

Is Joint Ventures are also partnership firm?

Yes JV also a form of partnership with limited period of time or specific purpose such as for a specific project or specific period construction projects.

When Partnership form of Business is most suited?

When there are more then one founder of a business then it is best to start your business as a partnership.You know two is always better than one and 1+1 happens to be 11, Apart from sharing their respective expertise partners can arrange the initial capital and can also share the responsibility hence make it really easy to tackle the initial hiccups.

We are two friend want to start a business can we start as partnership?

No, In case there are more then one founder it is best to start as partnership, As in Partnership firm Rights and responsibilities of both the founders will be safe, While in Proprietorship only one person will have complete control on business.

What is Partnership Deed? Why it is important?

Partnership deed is actually the written agreement regarding terms and conditions on which you can run partnership. Now most of the people ask us we are good friends or we are relative, We know each other why all this legal formality.
The answer is simple till the time everything is going good no law is required, Issue arises when things turn bad. In partnership the mutual trust and understanding is utmost important however these can change over the time.
Only thing which will not change is legal written documents, Partnership need turn out to be a life and relation saving when friendship changes into enmity due to Money.

Why Partnership Deed should be Registered?

As per provisions of many Indian States , Such as Maharashtra, The Deed is invalid till it is not registered with Registrar of Firm. An Unregistered Deed is considered as No Deed even exist, It put your Partnership firm on legal risk and make all partners personally liable. Hence always better to get partnership deed registered.

Why a Professional advise important ?

Partnership deed contains many provisions related to admission of partner, Profit sharing, Dissolution, Retirement which need to be drafted as per mutual understanding. It also need to ensure that all partners get a fair deal according to their capital and effort contribution. Further provision should be there to minimize future disagreement between the partner by covering maximum possible provisions and resolutions in case of conflict of interest.

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