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Setting up a business in Singapore has various advantages such as outstanding infrastructure, geographical location, Speedy regulation, ease of doing business, fast approvals to name a few

  • World class business infrastructure and opportunities all around you.
  • Access to best brains from the top university in the world.
  • Working in Singapore creates a lot of opportunity for investment, market, and innovation.
  • Open your Branches /company/Subsidiary in Singapore to get access to the Most advanced Asian market.
  • Getting the business flexibility and profits similar to local Singapore incorporations expenses.
  • Can operate from anywhere in the world without moving to Singapore.
  • English being the most used language, Moreover Chinese, Tamil, Malay are also official languages.
  • Best Team of CA/CS to take care of work.
  • Prompt and proper documents filings.
  • Your one stops solution to all legal, compliance, and financial worries.
  • Convenient whats-up based co-ordination to get your work done faster from anywhere in the world.
  • The only Firm in the world to extend complete whats-up based tax compliance.

Incorporation of company in Singapore


Setting up a business in Singapore has various advantages such as outstanding infrastructure, geographical location, Speedy regulation, ease of doing business, fast approvals to name a few. Singapore is a window to world where you can expand your business and offer your products and services to whole world by just setting up the company in Singapore. We offer you end-to-end solution for incorporation of company in Singapore including the compliance to be done.

What are the types of company we can set up in Singapore?

  1. Limited liability company.
  2. Proprietorship.
  3. Subsidiaries.
  4. Branch office.
  5. Partnership.

Partnership FAQLet It Clear The Confusion

How many directors required making a Singapore based company?

If you are an foreigner and want to form a company in Singapore, you need to have at least one local directors, however no need to worry, you can appoint any local professional firm to satisfy this criteria by making them nominee director, Or a Local employee can satisfy this criteria.

Do a company requires own/leased place in Singapore to form a company?

Yes however the criteria can be matched by giving professional address for registration, there is no requirement to have place on name of company.

How much time takes to register a Singapore based company?

We can get your company registered as fast as in 1 working day

Do the directors need to be present in Singapore to incorporate company?

No, It is not required all procedure can be done online.

What is corporate tax rate?

It is currently 17%, however for an income up-to $ 300000 some full and partial exemptions are available

Does all directors need to be shareholders as well?

No there is no such requirement, A director not required to be shareholder and same way a shareholder not required to be Director

Is there any limit on Number of shareholder?

Minimum 1 shareholder and max 50 shareholders can be accommodated in a Singapore based Private company.

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